Ever Since Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka uttered Thrawn’s name in The Mandalorian, fans have been wondering who may play the formidable blue tactician in live-action.

Almost every famous white male actor has been rumored to be playing live-action Thrawn to this point, but the name that is getting some buzz again is none other than Thrawn’s voice actor from Star wars Rebels, Lars Mikkelsen.

According to The Ronin’s Christopher Marc, who’s Thrawn actor tweet was more or less corroborated by Star Wars leaker Jordan Maison, Lars is indeed the guy that was tapped to play Thrawn in the live-action Ahsoka series, which is set in Jon Favreau’s and Dave Filoni’s Mando-verse.

Marc went on to also reveal that Rex will appear in some capacity in the series, and that fans will see Zabrak (think Maul) troopers in white and burgundy uniforms.

From what could be gathered on the Star Wars inter webs, Marc isn’t necessarily a reliable source for Star Wars leaks, so take his tweets with a grain of salt, but Maison’s support on the Lars news may hint at the leak actually being true.

Either way, like live-action Ezra, who is reportedly being played by Esman Esfandi, until Lucasfilm makes the news official, this is another Ahsoka casting that should be classified as a rumor at best.

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