This week’s Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures short takes us back to Tatooine to check in on one of the galaxy’s most infamous gangsters, Jabba the Hutt.

The slimy crime lord and his nefarious band of followers are featured throughout the short, which provides a unique spin on 3PO and R2’s trip to Jabba’s Palace. Essentially, the short is a vision of what 3PO thinks may be going down behind Jabba’s massive palace door, so the naturally frightened droid dreams of all sorts of horrors taking place.

Once again, the real treat are the visuals, which are highly stylized and edgy, making old Star Wars scenes feel fresh and new again. The style is to die for, and I will continue to wish that the style was applied to a full retelling of every Star Wars movie around. Maybe not shot for shot, but possibly hour long retellings of the main points in each film?

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You can also check out a few other new videos from Star Wars Kids this week after the break.

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