Thanks to an image on Reddit, I can finally say that we’ve have our best Star Wars: Episode IX leak to-date. The image is full of concept shots of characters that will be in the film, so you can see what Rey, Kylo, and a few of the newcomers will look like in Episode IX.

The image is definitely what I’d call full of major SPOILERS, so DO NOT proceed past the break unless you’re willing to have a few of the new characters’ looks spoiled for you. In particular, seeing Richard Grant’s character and Dominic Monaghan is quite revealing in terms of what side they’ll be on. Seeing Billy Dee is pretty intense too, not to mention Rey’s new look, and of course Kylo’s as well.

There are plenty of new secondary characters in the mix as well, so if you dare, head on down below to check out the image. There’s a great chance it’ll get pulled, so if it does we will consider uploading a saved version, but for now we can let Reddit take the heat.


Leaked Episode IX Concept Art and Reference Photos from r/StarWarsLeaks

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