There’s an artist out there by the name of Jeff Victor, and he has a series called “The Evolution Of…,” which presents actors, movie characters, factions, etc in a series of shots showing their evolution over time. His art style is very chibi-centric and undeniably charming, so naturally I was drawn to his latest entry in the series, “The Evolution of the Mandalorians.”

In this art piece, Jeff highlights the progress of the galaxy’s most iconic, and somewhat infamous Mandalorians. Well, there may be a few imposters in there who just liked the armor, but you get the idea.

Jeff starts with Jango Fett, then moves on to a Mando from The Clone Wars and Sabine from Rebels. Then we get Holiday Special Fett, followed by ROTJ Fett, and finally, the upcoming Mandalorian from The Mandalorian.

Image Credit: @jeffvictorart

It’s a great piece, and he has many more from other franchise, so hit him up on Facebook and give him a follow, or take a ride on the credit link above to find him on IG.

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