The Siege of Mandalore arc has finally arrived, and the first part didn’t disappoint on the Easter egg and Star Wars references fronts, so head on down below to check them all out in our handy breakdown video.


Hey now fans of Mandalore, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the easter eggs and star Wars references found in The Clone Wars: Old Friends Not Forgotten, aka, S7E9. 

Up first we get a very old school movie-like approach to the episode’s opening complete with the  old school Lucasfilm text, and of course the Fanfare opening crawl music, which is typically reserved for the Skywalker Saga films. Brilliant. 

Before we even get into the actual episode there are a bevy of Eggs in the form of character appearances that include General Grievous, Caleb Dume aka Kanaan Jarrus, Deepa Bilaba his Master, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, Commander Bly and Commander Bacara. For good measure, Yoda and Mace are featured as well. 

Anakin and R2’s trap on Yerbana is definitely themed after Luke’s little trap he set for Jabba in ROTJ. If anything, the musical theme is spot on identical, so it was hard not to get all emotionally hyped when it kicked in and the Clones attacked. 

When Yularen contacts Anakin he tells him someone is reaching out on the Fulcrum band, so he first thinks the contact may be Saw Gerrera, so there’s a nice reference, but Rebels fans will also know that Fulcrum eventually becomes Ahsoka’s callsign in the Rebel Alliance. 

As Bo Katan is pleading with the Jedi to help her, she brings up Kenobi’s love of her sister Satine, the former ruler of Mandalore. 

When the Jedi learn that Coruscant is under attack we find out how Anakin and Obi were recalled to protect the Chancellor, but we also get a Shaak Ti mention, and her protecting him and getting beat by Grievous was featured in the original Clone Wars animated series from 2005.

Alright, I have to mention this next one and it was obvious, Ahsoka’s sabers definitely count as an egg, if not a solid reference to Clone Wars past. 

And then right after this moment we get a pretty epic one in my opinion, because I believe the goodbye between Ahsoka and Anakin was their last, at least in person, before he falls to the dark side, so yeah, this little exchange is monumental and quite somber if you think about where his path is headed after he seemed so happy and positive after getting Ahsoka back. 

As the Republic attacks Mandalore we get to see Prime Minister Almec again, the douche who allowed Maul’s takeover for the most part. 

Shortly after his reappearance, we get to see Gar Saxon and Rook Kast, two characters made famous in the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic book run. Saxon also was a featured bad guy in Star Wars Rebels thanks to his allegiance to the Empire. 

And finally, all these Mandos in red are considered Mauldalorians, no joke. Some, like Saxon and Kast, even take their allegiance to the Sith lord a step further by incorporating horns on their helmets or paint jobs that reflect Maul’s own face marks. 

Phew, there were some great ones in this episode, but I’m sure I missed something, so make sure to call me out by leaving a comment below. 

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