We got another episode of The Clone Wars that mostly setup things to come, but thanks to some Martez exposition and the appearance of Mandalorians, it wasn’t all too ho-hum.

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Hey now fans of the TC-dub, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to recap and review The Clone Wars: Dangerous Debt, aka, S7E7.

The episode begins with the girls all bitching at each other over who’s fault it is that they are now incarcerated. The heated exchange does lead to a reveal about why the sisters don’t like the Jedi, who they blame for the deaths of their parents. 

The Pykes then come and take Rafa to be tortured and questioned. Upon her return, Trace gets taken next, but as she’s about to be electrocuted, she breaks free and makes a run for it. 

Ahsoka sees the commotion and uses the Force to get her and Rafa freed. The three ladies eventually meet up again and make a run for the outside. Ahsoka once again uses the Force to get them over a retracting bridge, but then they split up to get the gate open, which Ahsoka does easily and then goes to help the sisters with their half of the plan.

They do make it into the city streets, but thanks to not giving a bum some credits, he rats them out to the Pykes, so another chase takes place, but is quickly ended after the speeder they’re in gets blasted by the Pykes. 

Ahsoka manages to escape, but the sisters are captured and readied for execution. 

While this is going on, Bo-Katan, Ursa Wren, and another Mando watch Ahsoka from afar and mention that they could use her Jedi skills for whatever mission they happen to be on. This is called big time foreshadowing by the way, as any good Star Wars fan knows there things are headed with Mandalore, Ahsoka, and Maul.

Just as the sisters are about to get whacked, Ahsoka once again saves the day, but this time a trap was set to catch all three of them, so they end up right where they were when the episode began. Locked the F up. 

The End. 


Once again we were treated to a setup episode, mostly meant to move narrative pieces into position for the final five episodes. Let’s just say that after episode 8 airs next week, Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and even Maul’s threads will all start to come together, so episodes like this week are needed to prime for the big pay off ones coming up.

I did find Rafa’s story about an event that literally took place in the first season of Clone Wars to be an awesome nod to the show’s own canon, and it also finally showed us why the Martez sisters dislike the Jedi so much, so this episode did have some meaningful exposition. 

You also have to appreciate the appearance of Bo-Katan and Ursa Wren, who appear to be interested in Pykes due to Maul’s take over of Mandalore, and his alliance with the Spice dealers. They will surely play a role in getting Ahsoka and the sisters freed at this point, and I also believe their mission to stop Maul will be what motivates Ahsoka to reach out to the Jedi again, and take a battalion of Clones to the planet to being the Siege of Mandalore. 

So while this episode may have been rather quick, and basically saw our main characters go absolutely nowhere, it did have some nice little exposition moments as well as great foreshadowing for the big finish. 

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Review Summary

Story - 7
Voice Acting - 9
Entertainment Value - 7


This episode was more setup for the big events to come over the next five episodes, but it did shed some light on why the Martez sisters hate the Jedi, and it had Mandalorians, so it was intriguing to say the least.

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