Ahsoka and the Martez sisters are in a world of hurt in the latest episode of The Clone Wars, but that didn’t stop the Star Wars franchise references and easter eggs from popping up throughout its short runtime.

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Hey now fans of mysterious Mandalorians, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the Easter eggs and Star Wars franchise references found in The Clone Wars, Dangerous Debt, aka, S7E7. 

Up first we get a character that I missed a few episode back while doing the kenner figure collection references, and this character is the good old blue shirt Snaggletooth.

We then get a pretty great story from Rafa that folds in events from a Season 1 episode of The Clone Wars, specifically, S1E22 hostage crisis. She recounts how Cad Bane broke Ziro the hutt out of prison, and the subsequent chase by the Jedi led to her parents dying on Coruscant. 

She follows this awesome reference up with a mention of a green faced Jedi in Dark Robes that tried to console her, and based on her description she had to be talking about Luminara Unduli, who has appeared in The Clone Wars series before.

While Rafa is getting tortured we see that the Pykes employ the same style of torture droid that was in Jabba’s Palace, aka, 8D8.

This reference could be a stretch, but as Trace is on the run after her escape, she starts yelling and running in a very similar fashion to what Han Solo did on the Death Star as they made their final escape. 

As the girls are pinned down after they get out of the prison Trace shoots a barrel that explodes, and thanks to the explosion we get to hear a Pyke do the infamous Wilhelm scream.

This is another stretchy deep cut, but I swear this little alien is the same Aleena species as Ratts Tyrell the pod racer. Am I right?

And finally, the last egg sets up some foreshadowing for the next few episodes by introducing a trio of Mandalorians who are on Oba Diah for some reason when they discover Ahsoka running from the pykes and one thinks she remembers the togruta. This mando is none other than Bo-Katan, but she’s flanked by another notable mandalorian, and that is Ursa Wren, Sabine’s mother from Star Wars Rebels, and apparent member of Bo’s Nite Owls faction now.

That’s all I have for you, so let me know how badly I failed by leaving a comment below. 

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The Clone Wars: Dangerous Debt Easter Eggs And References

  1. Blue Snaggletooth
  2. Ziro the Hutt mention and S1E22 events recap
  3. Luminara Mention
  4. Jabba Torture Droid
  5. Trace does the Han Solo yell run
  6. Wilhelm scream
  7. Ratts Tyrell alien species seen
  8. Bo-Katan and Ursa Wren

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