The latest episode of The Clone Wars sees Ahsoka and the Martez sisters taking on a mission for an infamous Star Wars crime syndicate, and it offered up a few cool easter eggs and Star Wars references to appreciate, so head on below to check them out.


Hey now fans of Skywalker Academy, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the easter eggs and Star Wars references found in The Clone Wars: Deal No Deal, aka, S7E6.

Up first we have a blatant reference to Ahsoka’s former master when she tells Trace that she learned what she knows from Skywalker Academy, aka, he Sky Guy. 

In Trace’s hangar, you can see a disabled pit droid collapsed in a corner. 

While the ladies are leaving Coruscant they get themselves into a military flying lane, which in turn causes good old Wulf Yularen to hail them. Wulf has been featured in this series of course, but also in Rebels and more importantly, A New Hope, so he’s become quite the side character thanks to Filoni fleshing him out in his animated series. 

The mission the ladies are on takes them to Kessel, specifically, the spice mines of Kessel, a location made infamous in Star Wars thanks to the Kessel Run, Han Solo’s tales about it, and of course, its drug mines, which were featured in Solo. 

So this next moment is actually pretty epic if you think about it. When Trace dumps the spice shipment they’re running, she essentially gives us a look at what Han and Chewie did to get the bounty placed on Han’s head that ends up getting his ass hung on Jabba’s wall as a trophy. I just found it to be a fantastic callback to a moment all Star Wars fans have heard about from the supposed greatest smugglers in the galaxy. 

And finally, the deal to transport spice leads the girls to the Pykes, a major Star Wars crime syndicate that has played a huge role in this series thanks to Maul’s Shadow collective, but also in Solo.

Let me know how crappy I am at this by leaving a comment below to tell me what I missed, or which one of my mentions were too basic for you. 

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The Clone Wars: Deal No Deal Easter Eggs And References

  1. Skywalker Academy
  2. Pit droid in Martez Hanger
  3. Wulf Yularen
  4. Kessel and all things Kessely
  5. Spice running cargo dump
  6. Pyke Crime Syndicate

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