We’re on to a new thread in The Clone Wars, and it’s all about filling in Ahsoka’s journey after she left the Jedi Order. It was a good episode with a nice mix of Easter eggs and Star Wars references, so head on down below to check them all out.


Hey now Cloners, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the Easter eggs and Star Wars references found in The Clone Wars: Gone With a Trace, aka, S7E5. 

Up first we get to hear what could be the greatest musical theme in all of Star Wars, one that is typically reserved for super duper important force users, and that’s the Luke Skywalker theme, which plays as we see Ahsoka for the first time again since season 5. 

While I’m on Ahsoka, her speeder bike sounds just like those featured in ROTJ, as in they used the same audio for sure. 

As Ahsoka is crashing she almost hits an alien that looks like the original Walrus Man kenner figure, or we could call him Ponda Baba if you will.

After meeting Trace, we learn that Ahsoka crashed on level 1313, an infamous location of Coruscant that is finally seeing the light of day beyond concept art for failed games and live-action shows. 

Call this what you want, but I had to point out the moment where Ahsoka explains her fighting skills were taught to her by her older brother, aka, Anakin Skywalker. It was a touching moment if anything else. 

I swear this hat Rafa finds is the same style worn by Rebel soldiers on Hoth.

Like Han, Rafa, also likes to call people moof milkers!

Our next egg comes in the form of loth cats, which seems to be all over 1313.

While building some droids Ahsoka and Trace install restraining bolts, the same style we saw placed on R2 and 3PO in A New Hope. 

This is another stretch, but the droids Ahsoka and Trace are working on are binary load lifters, which are the droids 3PO tells Owen he used to program. 

Alright, I’m not sure if filoni and company were going for a who’s who with nods to Cantina patrons, or at least the Kenner versions of some of the aliens, because we also see a hammerhead looking character in 1313. He’s even dressed like the OG figure. 

Now this billboard could be of a different band, but I’m going with it’s a shot of Figrin Dan and the Modal Nodes!

Finally, like hammerhead and walrus man before him, I swear this appearance of a Death Star style droid is a nod to the OG Kenner action figure.

And there you have it, so kick me while I’m down by dropping a comment below.

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The Clone Wars: Gone With a Trace Easter Eggs And References

  1. Luke’s theme for Ahsoka
  2. Ahsoka speeder bike sounds = Endor bike sounds
  3. Walrus Man Kenner figure
  4. Level 1313 setting
  5. Anakin mention
  6. Hoth Rebel hat
  7. Moof milker line
  8. Lothcats
  9. Restraining bolts
  10. Binary load lifter mention
  11. Hammerhead Kenner figure
  12. Figrin Dan/Modal Nodes Billboard
  13. Death Star droid Kenner figure

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