It appears that the Bad Batch arc may be at an end for now at least, because “On the Wings of Keeradacks” was rather short, more than likely to nip this thread in the bud, so the next one can start in Episode 4.

With that being said, it was still a fine entry in this final season, so head on down below to check out my recap and review.


Hey now you Bad Batchers, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to recap and review The Clone Wars: On the Wings of Keeradacks, aka, S7E3.

The episode begins with Anakin and the Bad Batch still under siege, so he heads into the stasis chamber to see how Rex is doing with Echo. 

Even more droids show up, forcing everyone to barricade themselves into the stasis chamber room, but before the doors can be fully breached by a Decimator, Echo finds a hatch for them to escape. 

After Wrecker throws everyone up into the shaft, the clones follow Echo to an outdoor exit, but it’s a perilous one. 

They end up getting cornered while trying to cross a narrow passage, but thanks to Tech’s hobby of recording things, he’s able to call the Keeradacks, so they fly in and everyone jumps onto their backs for an escape.

After being chased back to the Poletec village by droids, Anakin and the Clones inform the locals that an attack on their village is inevitable, so they plan for battle. 

Wat Tambor sends a battalion of droids to attack the village, so Anakin and the clones, along with the Poletecs face down his army. The battle plays out in impressive fashion, with Anakin basically taking down two massive walkers himself, forcing the droids to retreat. 

Anakin and the Clones say their farewells to the locals, who now consider the Jedi allies. Echo thanks Rex for being saved, but as the episode ends he seems to question whether if he can ever be normal again. Could he be compromised? Da, da, daaaaa!

The End. 


This was a super short episode, probably due to the fact that the season may be transitioning to a new story arc now that this Bad Batch thread seems to be at an end, but it was still entertaining, mostly thanks to the epic battle sequence at the end. 

It really feels like a conscious effort has been made to make TCW action sequences feel more like live-action scenes, and I’m loving it. There may be one too many camera rotation moments, but I loved how the battle was shot, and how each character got a starring moment during it. 

Anakin in particular was a treat, and his heroics once again show how powerful he is in the Force, and how he isn’t afraid to use it to pull off seemingly impossible feats. 

I also appreciated Echo in this episode, who not only had a fun line about his headaches, but the way he was portrayed at the end may hint that he’s more compromised than everyone thinks. Could he be a sleeper agent now thanks to his cyborg programming? I don’t know, or I guess I could if I looked up the unfinished versions of season 7, but he seemed a little off after Rex said things may get back to normal. 

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Review Summary

Story - 7
Voice Acting - 9
Entertainment Value - 7


This episode was rather short, so it seemed like a transition towards the season's next story arch. With that being said, it still featured an awesome battle, and who doesn't like watching the Bad Batch in action?

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