The mission to save Echo continued this week in The Clone Wars: On the Wings of Keeradacks, so naturally my hunt for Easter eggs also continued. This was a short episode though, so the eggs were lacking a bit, and none of them are real gems or eye openers, but a video was produced none the less. Enjoy it below!


Hey now Clones, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown all of the Easter eggs and references found in The Clone Wars: On the Wings of Keeradacks, aka, S7E3.

This was quite a short episode, so the eggs weren’t a plenty, but the first one we get comes in the form of the welding tool the clones use to barricade themselves in the stasis chamber. It looks to be the same tool that Chewie and Leia use on the Falcon in ESB.

Up next we have the Techno Union Decimator, and I’m only including it, because to me it looked like a mini-starkiller base. Am I right?

Towards the end of the episode Wat Tambor sends a battalion of droids to attack the clones and Poletecs, and among the units are the massive Octuparra Magna Tri-Droids, first scene in Revenge of the Sith. 

And finally, during the battle, Anakin whips out his Jedi communicator, yeah, another cheap egg. 

Let me know what I missed by abusing my ego in the comments below.

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The Clone Wars: On the Wings of Keeradacks Easter Eggs And References

  1. Clone’s welding tool
  2. The Decimator – looks like Starkiller base’s baby
  3. Half thermal detonators
  4. Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droids
  5. Jedi Communicator

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