It seems we’re on a bit of a multi-episode arc during the early stages of The Clone Wars Season 7, because “A Distant Echo” picked up right where the Season’s premiere left off.

Head on down below to find out what happened, and what I thought of it all by checking out our recap and review video.


Hey now Clones, Matt Heywood here to recap and review, The Clone Wars: A Distant Echo, aka, S7E2.

The episode begins with Anakin using Rex as cover so he can call Padme, a very Jedi-like thing to do. While Rex tries his best to distract Obi-Wan while this is going on, Anakin’s former Master knows exactly what is up. Da da daaaaa.

From here, Anakin and Rex head off with the Bad Batch to Skako Minor to pursue the signal that Rex believes is coming from Echo himself. 

Upon their arrival, they get attacked by the locals, and Anakin is taken away. Hunter follows in pursuit thanks to a grappling hook that Crosshair shot at the winged beast carrying the General, but he can only manage to get a high ground position to scout out the local’s village. 

Rex leads the Bad Batch on a rescue mission to get Anakin, and after a brief skirmish, Anakin is freed, so they begin to talk to the Poletec leader, who reveals he doesn’t want their war on his world, so they assure him they’ll leave once they get Echo back. 

Poletec scouts lead them to the Techno Union’s hideout, but before they breech it, Rex has it out with the Bad Batch over his personal feelings for Echo. Anakin has a moment with Rex, then they join the others at a lift. 

The lift takes them to the location they think Echo is at, but they have a battle with some odd looking battledroids first. 

They eventually find Echo’s signal again, but before they can break him out, another droid battle ensues, and the bad batch and Anakin make short work of them. 

Meanwhile, Tech and Rex break into the room where Echo is believed to be, and they do find him in a stasis chamber. They free him, but he’s clearly been turned into a cyborg, but he seems to recognize Rex before the episode ends. 

The End.


This episode picked up right where things left off last week, but unlike the first episode of season seven, this one folded a prominent Jedi into the mix in the form of Anakin Darth Vader Skywalker. 

I love this character and his soon to be alter ego, so anytime I get to see him in action, or providing dialogue, I consider it a win. The Clone Wars portrays this iconic character perfectly, and this episode’s use of him didn’t disappoint. 

You could see how his relationship with Padme affects everyone around him, and how his love for her trumps all, but you also get to see how caring he is for Clones like Rex, so in true TCW fashion, Anakin was once again done just right in this episode. 

I also continue to enjoy the Bad Batch. Wrecker in particular is hard not to love, and his seems to be the comedic relief that these darker toned episodes need at times. 

The whole Echo thread is also a nice touch, and a great way to tie this season back to the others. It also shows us once again that clones could definitely feel and developed bonds stronger than blood, which makes their lot in life and how Palpatine used them, even more depressing. 

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Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Voice Acting - 9
Entertainment Value - 8


Anytime we get to see Anakin Skywalker fleshed out a bit more before his fall is a win for me, so "A Distant Echo" doesn't disappoint.

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