The search for Echo continued this week in the latest episode of The Clone Wars, which is titled, “A Distant Echo”. The search for Rex’s brother definitely yielded a few interesting eggs and references, so head on down below to check them all out.


Hey now Clone Wars fans, Matt Heywood here to breakdown the Easter eggs and references found in The Clone Wars: A Distant Echo, aka, S7E2.

To avoid being yelled at in comments I’ll go ahead and mention the fairly obvious eggs that are going to pop up in this series like the parade of AT-TEs and the ARC-170 that can be seen at the start, but not sure if those really count as anything special. 

So the first real egg to me is the 4 legged Gonk droid that can be seen in the 501st’s hanger. Yes, 4 legged gonk, so is it a Quonk?

Up next we see a good old Jedi image caster when Anakin calls up his lady love. These were first seen being used by Qui-gon in TPM.

Speaking of Padme, she’s wearing the same outfit that Anaking eventually almost murders her in, so that’s cute and really fucking depressing. Thanks Dave!

She also uses everyone’s favorite nickname for the Dark Lord of the Sith, Ani, as in the little red headed girl who had a Daddy Warbucks.

If a 4 legged Gonk wasn’t enough for you in this episode, we also get a standard two legged gonk, which Wrecker uses for some shoulder presses like a good meathead. 

The appearance of Wat Tambor is a pretty obvious egg, so it was nice to see the Skakoan again, and he’s involved in our next egg, because Admiral Trench gives him a call on the same type of magic mirror on a wall that the trade federation used to shit talk Amidala in TPM. 

Alright so I’m throwing these Tri-droid things in here, mostly because they appear to be hybrid B1’s, at least their voices are the same, and apparently they’re off shoots of other Techno Union Octuptarra units. 

And finally, we get to see poor Echo again, who has been turned into a Borg from Star Trek, so he ain’t looking too hot. 

As always feel free to kick me in the face with comments below telling me what I missed and how dumb I am for missing them!

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The Clone Wars: A Distant Echo Easter Eggs And References

  1. AT-TEs and ARC-170s all over the place
  2. 4 legged Gonk droid, aka, the QUONK
  3. Jedi image caster used by Anakin
  4. Padme wearing her choked out by her husband outfit
  5. Padme uses “Ani”
  6. An actual Gonk droid
  7. Wat Tambor cameo
  8. Separtist magic mirror communicator
  9. Tri-battledroids
  10. Return of Echo

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