The Clone Wars came to an official end today with the release of “Victory and Death”, which was light on Easter eggs, but had a few memorable references that provided nods to other Star Wars films and shows, so of course we had to break them down in the video below.

It’s been fun doing these this season, so hopefully we haven’t seen the last of these characters in animated form, or maybe we will see one in live-action form for the first time now? Who knows, but as of right now we plan to do our Eggs and Recap videos for Mando S2, so stay tuned. You know the content won’t dry up either, so subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what we cook up next.


Hey now fans of the best Clone Wars content of all-time, Matt Heywood here to breakdown the Easter eggs and references found in The Clone Wars: Victory and Death, aka, S7E12, aka, the End. 

Bear with me on this one, as this episode was more reference rich than egg heavy, but there were some key moments to take note of. 

Up first, as Ahsoka and Rex are looking over the hanger bay they see all the clones waiting for them, and the imagery reminded me of Obi Wan seeing the clones march and line up for the first time on Kamino in AOTC. 

During the ensuing shoot out, we learn how Rex got demoted back down to Captain, thanks to Jesse busting his ass for not following Order 66. 

Around the same time we get to see Ahsoka force pulling the shuttle Maul is in, which is reminiscent of Rey’s move on Pasanna in TROS, or if you want to go legends, Starkiller’s moves in The Force Unleashed, which quite frankly we see a lot thanks to Maul in this episode just destroying clones and the ship with the force, so they definitely had Sam channel his original Star Wars character’s deadly force moves. 

The hanger scene was loaded with moments of note, because up next R7, Ahsoka’s droid, gets taken out, but based on the ending, it looks like Rex and Ahsoka are going to rebuild her, so at least she may be resurrected. 

I’m also going to mention Maul’s escape, as it is a major reference point for the Star Wars canon, so we see how he got away, but I’m surprised we got nothing with the Dark Saber considering we know he still has it with him by the time we see him in Rebels again. It seemed like we should have gotten some sort of Dark Saber hints considering its appearance in The Mandalorian, and Maul’s current possession of it. 

Droids didn’t fair well in this episode, as both Cheap and GG got straight murdered by the Order 66 crazed clones, and it may have been the most violent thing I’ve every seen in Star Wars. RIP Cheap and GG, you little metal heroes!

As the ship is crashing to the surface of the moon, I was definitely reminded of the imagery of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine crash landing Grievous’s ship on Coruscant. 

After the crash we get more familiar imagery in the form of Ahsoka in her iconic Robe, which we saw her in in Rebels. As well as the clone helmets on pikes, which evokes some imagery from The Mandalorian. 

During the flash forward we get smacked with Eggs left in right starting with Vader’s Shuttle. Then we see some Imperial Snow Troopers and some IPDs. Not to mention some standard bucket heads, and of course the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. Who all feature new animation models, at least compared to their forms in Rebels. 

And finally, we end with a fantastic egg in the form of Morai, the female convor with ties to the Daughter from Mortis, who saved Ahsoka back in Season 3 I think, and has since been tied to the character in Rebels as well. The appearance essentially clues Vader in on the fact that his former apprentice lives. Amazing moment. 

Alright let me know what I missed, but this was an odd episode for eggs and references, so I’ll be intrigued to hear what I left out. 

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The Clone Wars: Victory and Death – Easter Eggs and References

  1. Clone lineup echoes Kamino moment in AOTC
  2. Rex demoted by Jesse for treason
  3. Ahsoka Force grabs Maul’s shuttle like Rey/Starkiller
  4. R7 killed
  5. Maul’s escape/no Dark saber
  6. Cheep and GG murder
  7. Crashing ship mirrored ROTS opening crash
  8. Ahsoka’s poncho
  9. Imperial Shuttle, IPDs, Snowtroopers, Vader, Stormtroopers
  10. Morai the Convor

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