The latest episode of The Clone Wars definitely offered up some mind blowing reveals and references to Revenge of the Sith, so Sam Witwer’s glowing praise of it was spot on. I wouldn’t say there were a ton of textbook Easter eggs, but the episode was loaded with deep Star Wars references that provide all sorts of connective tissue to the final film in the prequel trilogy.

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Hey now fans of the Siege of Mandalore story arc, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown the easter eggs and Star Wars references found in The Clone Wars: The Phantom Apprentice, aka, S7E9, and boy oh boy were they lore rich.

Up first we get the first of many references to the events of Revenge of the Sith in this episode when Maul more or less mentions that the Fall of the Republic is upon them. He knew exactly how Palp’s plan would play out. Huge. 

We then get a bevy of ROTS references from Kenobi. First he mentions how Anakin killed Dooku. Then he mentions his Utapau mission as to why he can’t come help with Maul. And finally, he tells Ahsoka about Anakin’s spy mission for the council, which she clearly understands is bad news. I should also point out that the Emperor’s them subtly plays while this conversation takes place. 

Up next we get to see Maul employing the dark side mind scan technique that Kylo Ren loved so much. 

We get another multi-reference scene during Almec’s interrogation, because not only does he reveal that Maul wanted Skywalker, further showcasing how much Maul truly knew of the events to come, but while doing so you can hear Vader’s musical theme, and I also found that Almec’s last word of Skywalker being very similar to how Yoda dies and tells Luke about his sister. 

If these juicy references weren’t enough for you yet, we then get a killer pair of Easter eggs when we see Maul talking to Dryden Vos, Prince Xizor, and Mag Krim, all heads of their respective factions in Maul’s Shadow Collective. Very cool drop.

As Maul addresses Gar Saxon and Rook Kast, he directly mentions their rescue of him from imprisonment at the hands of Palpatine and Dooku, which was heavily featured in the Son of Dathomir comic book run. 

While rallying the Mauldalorians, he more or less foreshadows the plight of their people by talking about how they are not the type to just hide away in sewers. That line wasn’t a coincidence as directly teases their fate.

When we get to the Maul and Ahsoka showdown he makes a plea to her to join him to take out Sidious, but she wants to know what he knows about Anakin, so he tells her that Anakin has been groomed all along to be Sidious’ next apprentice, so he also knew about Anakin’s fall and wanted to take him out to spite his old Master. This also causes Ahsoka to mistrust him, so like other light side force users, she blindly ignores the truth of a Sith to the detriment of the galaxy. 

And finally, as their duel starts, Maul lights up his dual blade in a very similar fashion to how he greeted Qui-Gun and Young Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. 

Let me know what I’ve missed below by leaving a comment, but if it was an egg or a reference that was featured in a previous episode, just know I leave those out for the sake of speed and not being repetitive. 

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The Clone Wars: The Phantom Apprentice – Easter Eggs/References

  1. Maul knew of the impending fall of the republic
  2. Kenobi mentions Dooku death, Utapau mission, and Anakin being a spy for the Council
  3. Maul does a mind scan on Jesse
  4. Vader’s theme plays as Almec explains Skywalker was the target, also mirrors Yoda’s final words
  5. Prince Xizor and Dryden Vos appear
  6. Maul directly mentions Son of Dathomir comic book plot
  7. Maul foreshadows the plight of the Mandalorians
  8. Maul knew about Skywalker’s fall
  9. Homage to Maul’s saber ignite from TPM

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