The final season of The Clone Wars has finally arrived, so like any good Star Wars nut, I’ll be breaking each episode down with two videos each week — one for Easter eggs, and one to recap and review them.

Up first, is the Easter egg breakdown for The Clone Wars: The Bad Batch, which is the first episode in season seven. Check out all of the eggs and references below.


Hey now fans of quality prequel Star Wars stories, Matt Heywood here to breakdown all of the easter eggs and references found in Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Bad Batch, aka, S7E1.

Doing an egg breakdown for the earliest timeline in the Skywalker Saga is a little tricky, but I think I captured most of the key moments that fans would have also recognized as being callbacks to the first run of Clone Wars tales. 

Up first, well hell, we have the whole 501st battalion, gunships, and a shot of Anakin’s ETA-2 starfighter. All elements from past clone wars episodes that also bleed into the live action films. 

The next egg reveals itself when Rex is looking at a photo of his lost brothers and he mentions Fives, Echo, and Heavy. All featured Clones from the early seasons of the show who have gone on to become favorites amongst fans. 

When Clone Force 99 shows up, a group of defective clones, Rex notes how their 99 designation is appropriate, and that’s because Clone 99 was the defective clone that was more or less a janitor on Kamino, but he sacrificed himself to save other clones during a Battle on Kamino, making for a pretty great episode from the early years of TCW.

As the 501st clones and Cody wait for Clone Force 99, we get reintroduced to Kix and Jesse, two named clones who first showed up in Season 2 of the show in the episode titled, The Deserter. Kix has hair now, and Jesse is a full ARC trooper, and based on events from the past, this episode, like many TCW episodes, isn’t in chronological order, because we know about Kix’s fate.

Alright so this one isn’t necessarily a Star Wars reference, but I have to mention how Hunter from the Bad Batch looks just like a clone version of John Rambo, and he wants, what everybody wants, and that’s to kick Sep ass. 

After a skirmish the Seps show up to investigate, and you can see a Trade Federation landing ship in the background, which first appeared in TPM. 

Up next we see the return of Admiral Trench, so again, even this season isn’t in chronological order, but Trench first appeared in Season 2, as well as his tactical droid, who is holding his hologram. 

When the clones take down an outpost, two speeders can be seen, and they’re the same model as the one used by Dooku in Attack of the Clones. 

A few scenes later, at this same location, we see some Droid transports, the same used in the Battle of Naboo, although these drop off B2’s.

And finally, during the clones attack of the Cyber Center, we see that Wrecker is using a DC-17m blaster, the same style used by the Clone Commandos. 

And that’s that, I may have passed over some obvious ones, so by all means lay into me in the comment section, but be nice, we’re just having fun. 

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The Clone Wars: The Bad Batch Easter Eggs And References

  1. 501st battalion and Anakin’s ETA-2 starfighter
  2. Rex remembers Heavy, Echo, and Fives
  3. Clone Force 99 is a nod to Clone 99
  4. Kix and Jesse the Clones are back
  5. Hunter the Clone looks like Rambo
  6. Trade federation landing ship
  7. Admiral Trench and his Tactical droid
  8. Count Dooku-esque speeder
  9. Droid Troop Transport
  10. Wrecker is using a Clone Commando gun

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