The Corridor Crew released a fun video that both Star Wars and VFX artists will appreciate, because it features artists discussing the CGI featured in the Star Wars prequels.

It’s not a big shit on the Prequels-fest either, because they spend most of their time highlighting interesting aspects of how the CGI work, which was revolutionary at the time, holds up today. They do point out a few flaws in the CGI, such as a pod racer engine exploding before it hits anything, but for the most part they just provide cool insights into how certain CGI-heavy shots were created, and if they still look great in 2019.

If you’re expecting them to hate on Jar-Jar, look for another video, because the team of VFX artists actually feel Jar-Jar, from a pure CGI character standpoint, was a masterpiece in late 90’s special effects. He was the first ever fully CGI character after all, so the group does appreciate how good he looked. They do mention his accent and other annoying aspects of the character, but his looks are not among them.

If you’ve watched the BTS for the Prequels on the Blu-ray versions, you’ve probably heard of some of the VFX tricks the guys mention, but it’s still fun to reminisce over the Prequels and their revolutionary CGI work for the era that they released in.

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