The Book of Boba Fett kicked off today with its season premiere, so we have consumed it, screenshotted it, and broken down the Easter eggs, references, and key moments that fans should be aware of.

Head on down below to find out what you may have missed, and what scenes were key for shaping what’s to come.

Eggs and References

Hey now fans of the Fett, it’s time to break down a little Book of Boba Fett action to highlight any easter eggs or key moments that you may have missed from S1E1, aka, Stranger in a Strangeland. 

Let’s start with the easter eggs and references featured in the episode, which there were many of. 


Up first we got a dose of nostalgia via the shot of Jabba’s hallway, the same from Luke’s arrival in ROTJ. 


We then go all the way back to Boba’s birthplace Kamino, which also featured a shot of the SLave 1.  


Now one of my season predictions rang a bit true in this next moment of note, as we do see Jango Fett in this series, he just happens to be missing his body and his helmet is in the hands of his son Boba. It counts. 


Alright for this next one I’m taking a few liberties, but I’m saying this Stormtrooper, the one in the Sarlacc’s belly, is one of the troopers we saw looking for the droids in A New Hope. How else does a random stormtrooper end up in the pit unless he stumbled upon it while looking for droids?


If that was too big of a stretch, then you have to appreciate seeing the wreckage of Jabba’s sail barge and skiffs thanks to the Rebels rescue plans for Han Solo. 


We then get some tusken raider goodies in the form of their pets the massifs, and the black melons they use for drinking, which were first featured in Mando S2. 


Back in the present we see that 8D8 is still working at the palace, albeit as an announcer and quasi adviser rather than a torture droid. 


Dokk Strasi gets introduced, and while he is new, the fact that he has a wookie pelt as tribute pays homage to the whole transdoshans enslaving wookies mantra that has been established in Star Wars lore. He’s also voiced by Robert Rodriguez, the guy running this show. 


In what has to be the biggest egg/reference of the episode, we see that Max Rebo is alive and well and has teamed up with Figrin Dan, or one of the Modal Nodes. And yes, the theme they were playing is a variation of the cantina song from A New Hope. 


One of the droids in Garsa Fwips joint looks like DJ Rex from Galaxy’s edge’s cantina attraction. 


And lastly, while this isn’t the Lars Homestead, it’s still a moisture farm, so many similarities can be found between it and Luke’s former home. 

Key Moments

Alright and now for the key moments. 


Seeing Boba’s full escape from the pit was great. The stormtrooper being in there was odd unless you consider my theory from earlier, but getting to see how Boba used his air and then burnt his way out was pretty rad. It also paid off on one of my main plot speculations for the series, so I’ll take the win. 


It was also good to see how Jawas came in possession of Fett’s armor, which we knew about from Mando S2, but now we got to see exactly how they scavenged it, and they definitely jacked it like a bunch of scumbags. 


Boba being found by Tuskens wasn’t a surprise, but the way they treated him was. The beatings and torture is not what I expected, but I’m kind of digging the Dances with Wolves approach here. 

You can already sense that a strong bond will form between Boba, the child Tusken, and this Dark Robe wearing tribe in general. I appreciate that he is earning their respect their way versus him just being saved by them. His time with these Tuskens will eventually reveal to us how and why he changed as a man, and why he seems a bit more benevolent now than he used to be as a bounty hunter. 

Saving the kid and killing that sand creature is just the start of Boba becoming one of the tribe, and eventually the black robe wearing warrior we see in mando S2. 


Thanks to an envoy, we finally know the name of the Ithorian Mayor, which is Mok Shaiz. The Mayor clearly doesn’t plan on playing ball with Fett, so like Boba said, keep an eye on this one. The Mayor could very well be tied to Crimson Dawn, but he clearly doesn’t plan on giving Boba any respect quite yet. 


Speaking of Boba, you gotta love his new name of Lord Fett, and the fact that he’s called a Daimyo, which is a solid nod to Feudal Japan and the samurai culture that George was greatly influenced by while creating Star Wars. 


We saw Jennifer Beals character in the trailers, but now we know her name and it is Garsa Fwip, and she seems to run a casino for Lord Fett. We may want to watch her along with his other vassals as it seems they all may want to test him over time. 


The nikto gang has me scratching my head, because the symbol they etch into the farmer’s house feels like it should be familiar, but I couldn’t find any other mention of it in Star wars. It has an Assassin’s Creed like feel to it if anything. Either way this is a foreshadowing moment based on trailer footage, so Boba will go toe-to-toe with this gang at some point, and they may also mess with the Tuskens he’s living with. 

And there you have it, the premiere of Book of Boba has been broken down. It was a solid start, but I wasn’t blown away by any particular moment yet, so hopefully more of the main story will be exposed next week so we can fully get into what’s in store for Boba Fett. 

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