SWNN has apparently dug up an exclusive for The Book of Boba Fett that details a pretty wild scene that will take place in the show.

If you want to stay as clean as possible on SPOILERS, then do not proceed past the break!

According to SWNN’s sources, an intensely wild scene will take place in the series and it will feature Boba Fett on the back of a Rancor! It wasn’t made clear to them if Fett will be taming the beast, or fighting it, but he will be seen riding on its back and seemingly controlling it through the streets of Tatooine, but the exact location wasn’t detailed in the leak.

The leak went on to describe that the Rancor will be lighter in color than the one Luke killed in Jedi, yes the Bad Batch one! In fact, it is described as being sand-colored and sporting some sort of chest plate and wrist guards. The SWNN team was given such vivid details that they commissioned an artist to depict this scene, which according to them was verified by two different sources.

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