The penultimate episode of The Bad Batch, “Flash Strike”, maintained this season’s unabashed approach to building high levels of suspense and tension in fans without paying off on any major series plot threads. While wanting more of a show is a sign of quality content, the lack of time remaining in this season is starting to raise doubt that this franchise can stick its landing, so this episode could have benefited from less suspense and more reveals.

Either way, it was quality Star Wars with some season-long pacing issues, and if the finale does have an extended runtime, then all may be well narratively, but if the finale is 30-minutes or less, it just doesn’t seem feasible that fans will get all of the answers to the threads this season has been weaving.

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If anything, this back half of the bad batch’s final season hasn’t been short on suspense building, and Flash Strike, aka, S3e14 is no different. 

While it featured some patented Star Wars tension and thickening of the suspense fans have come to identify this season with, it still left the feeling of needing more in terms of the show’s overarching plot and sub-plots reveals. 

Now if we weren’t down to the final episode, this would not be a problem. In fact, most fans would probably be screaming from the top of Mt. Tantiss about how thrilling the feeling of suspense has been all season, but we’ve been thrilled like this for the past three episodes with zero payoff on any of the major narratives that this season has focused on.

So knowing there’s only one episode left is concerning when you consider that no progress has really been made outside of an obvious escape attempt by Omega and a maybe rescue by her bros. 

Unless the series finale is close to an hour in length, it just seems impossible to resolve the fate of Clone Force 99, Omega, Rex and the other clones like Wolffe and Gregor. Not to mention Dr. Karr’s mysterious past, why Nala Se made Omega special, Clone X’s identity, batcher’s status, Rampart’s fate, etc. 

Hell, the Batch hasn’t even made it to tantiss base yet, so there is a ton of ground to cover in the finale, so episodes like this, while pretty freaking Star Wars solid, don’t make super fans feel all that confident about how the meat of the show’s plot will get wrapped up in a satisfying way. 

This may sound like a harsh review of Flash Strike, but that’s the ironic thing about these final few episodes of Bad Batch. They may not be giving us all the plot reveals we expect, but the fact that fans are getting upset because they just want to see what happens next is a clear sign that the content is still Star Wars great. 

Maybe better pacing throughout the season would have helped to alleviate some of these concerns, but it’s hard to see how this series will stick its landing with just the finale left, not to mention a finale that still has an unknown runtime. 

It was still a very entertaining episode with plenty of kick ass Star Wars action beats and tense stealth work. Not to mention the curious foreshadowing by Rampart to Crosshair. 

When they’re talking about how Crosshairs has changed and doesn’t blindly follow orders anymore, Rampart accuses him of being only loyal to himself, and when Crosshairs says he’s changed, Rampart mutters, “sure you have.” 

It could be a throw away moment, but considering we still don’t know all that was done to Crosshair while in captivity, there could be a chance the Empire still has secret plans for him that could spell doom for himself and his family. 

Ok Top Moments

I gotta go with the high octane arrival of Clone Force 99 to start things off. The entire opening sequence was amazing visually to behold, while also packing in some humor and heart. 

Of course the action beats of the scene were amazing. Hunter is one helluva star pilot and pulled off some wild maneuvers all while staying calm and getting everyone on the ground relatively safe. 

Then you have Rampart, who quite frankly is becoming a legit fan favorite to watch in his new role as a batch prisoner, with all of his guttural screams and sheer panic while escaping, and then Hunter telling the others that he unfortunately lived. Harsh, but funny as hell. 

To add in some heart, you get the cutaway to Omega and the kids hearing the Turbo lasers and our little hero doesn’t miss a beat when she tells the others that her Brothers are here to rescue her. What a lady, and what a moment. 

The next moment is more of a series of them, but Echo just kind of ruled this entire episode. You could argue that he’s getting way more important things done than the others thanks to him going all solid snake and snagging some trooper armor to flex his ARC skills as he expertly infiltrates Tantiss base. 

Dude also finally got a flipping hand, so now it makes sense that one shipped with his Hot Toys doll figure set. Speaking of dolls, but Echo in trooper armor anyone?

It also looks like he is going to be the one to finally get Dr. Karr to quite being a piece of crap clone and to start helping her kind rather than participating in their systemic torture and incarnation. 

So yeah, Echo dominated this episode and showcased his regular clone training like a pimp. Which means dude is definitely going to die next week in trooper armor during one last heroic act to save Rex and his Clone Force 99 brothers. I do hope it’s something that involves Rex considering their stories go all the way back to The Clone Wars, but either way Echo sealed his fate these past two episodes by doing all the heavy lifting to actually find Tantiss and liberate the clones kept within its bowels. 

And for the not eggs and references I guess we can highlight the return of the Zillo beast, which is a monster all the way back from The Clone Wars that Palp has been trying to use genetically in evil ways. It popped up last season, and now, just like what was predicted last week on the SWTS, it looks like it will be used by Omega to wreak havoc upon the base, and more than likely cause the death of Hemlock and the core pieces of Project necromancer. 

It will be very ironic if the Zillo beast, one of the first things Palpatine wanted to clone and repurpose, ends up being the reason why his Project Necromancer never fully takes off and leads to him being a rotting clone husk of himself come the Sequels. 

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