The Bad Batch returns this week with “Juggernaut”, but unlike last week, this episode may leave fans yearning for more thanks to it treading mostly familiar waters narrative-wise without offering up new insights into the season’s main plot points.

By no means was it bad Star Wars or filler, but it tried super hard to check enough boxes to become the latter. Head on down below for the full review and breakdown plus a helping of new Bad Batch Season 3 stills.

After last week’s double helping of Star Wars emotions, The Bad Batch took a step back this week to give fans some time to keep licking their wounds, and while this Juggernaut episode had a surprising character return and incremental plot gains, it really flirted with being a full on filler kind of episode. 

There really is no such thing as a filler content in Star Wars, but man did it feel like nothing informative happened in this episode outside of the odd reveal that the Empire kept one of its bigger liabilities alive in Rampart, and that he knows how Tantiss Base’s coordinates are kept secret. 

The Tantiss scenes with Omega were more of the same. Nothing new was learned about Necromancer, the same insights about needing Omega and a Force sensitive was reiterated yet again, and the idea of using kids for imperial experiments continues to cause Dr. Karr concern. 

Sure she may be one step closer to realizing she’s being a huge piece of crap and will eventually help Omega, the Force kids, and possibly all of the other imprisoned folk on Tantiss, but that is not a new reveal. She was clearly affected greatly after learning about The Vault, so the audience is very clued into her conflicted state of mind. 

Sure the breakout mission on Erebus looked cool and featured the type of Star Wars action beats we all know and love, but sadly, after being setup last week for a frenetic and emotional push towards the series finale, this episode just felt flat and left much to be desired, which is a first for this excellent final run of the Bad Batch.

Top moment time, and it is singular.

While it didn’t contribute greatly to expanding upon the season’s overarching plot, the turbo tank joust chase was some bitching looking Star Wars action. Besides the clear callback to Jyn Erso’s breakout in Rogue One, this action scene was just super charged Star Wars, and another example as to why Clones were so much more efficient than the Empire’s stormtroopers. 

Not to mention the Joust segment, which was completely insane, but supremely cool to see visually, especially Hunter’s ramp jump at the end. It got even more Star Wars when the gunships gave chase, so overall this was some vintage Star Wars action from top to bottom. 

The eggs and references are limited as usual. 

Hey Rampart was kept alive for some silly reason, which makes absolutely no sense considering he knows a ton of imperial secrets, but hey, he looks sexy AF with a beard am I right? Really though, how does Palpatine let this dude live when he knows the truth about Kamino, how to figure out Tantiss’ location, and other military operations intel? Talk about super villain oversight at its finest. 

And as mentioned before, Rampart’s breakout mirrored Jyn Erso’s very closely. It was just missing a tender clothesline from an assassin bot.

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