It didn’t take long for The Bad Batch to payoff on last week’s mystery character tease as Season 1 Episode 7, aka, Battle Scars, revealed the character within the show’s first few minutes. Make sure to check out the Easter egg, Star Wars references, and key moments breakdown video to find out if my prediction on Tuesday’s show came true!


Hey now fans of Clone Wars reunions, it’s time to breakdown the latest episode of The Bad Batch, which clocks in as S1E7, aka, Battle Scars. 

As we always do let’s start with this episode’s easter eggs and Star Wars references!

Up first, we got an immediate payoff on last week’s mystery character, and if you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that my take it to the bank prediction paid off yet again, because the hooded robed figure was indeed Captain Rex. 

Thank you, you can send my Star Wars speculation medals to SWTS HQ. But yeah, Rex is a huge reference to The Clone Wars just in case you’re new around here. 

I have to give one of our fans and Discord members credit for this next one, because while I noted the Mantell Mix mention, it was Scionxtc who pointed out that it looks the same as the Outpost mix popcorn one can score at Kat Saka’s Kettle in Galaxy’s Edge.

We get a Fallen Order reference next in the form of Bracca and its graveyard of Republic ships, including many Venattor class destroyers, aka, the Jedi’s command ships from The Clone Wars. This is where Cal Kestis first starts his Journey as well. 

Up next is Rex’s BTL from the finale of The Clone Wars. This is the ship he used to save himself and Ahsoka after their Destroyer began to fall to pieces after their ordeal escaping the Order 66 programmed 332nd. 

En route to the medical bay Rex gave us a Fives mention when he explains how he learned about the chips to the Bad Batch. 

While we didn’t get the iconic hairy looking eye to pop up, the monster that attacked Wrecker was a Dianoga, the same thing that attacked Luke on the Death Star. This is confirmed if you turn on closed captioning while watching the scene play out. 

This episode was heavy on references to the final two episodes of The Clone Wars, as the next one is the Medical bay they find, which is the same as the one Ahsoka used to remove Rex’s chip. 

And finally, the poncho the scrapper guild dude is wearing is the same one Cal Kestis starts out with in Jedi Fallen Order. 

Key Moments

And now for the key moments!

I mean Rex’s debut is clearly a key moment even though we knew he was coming via the trailer. As I narcissistically stated earlier, I also predicted that he was indeed the mystery contact the Martez Sister’s were working with, so again, any chance to brag about my useless Star Wars speculation skills is always appreciated and recognized. 

Did anyone else pickup on how perceptive Omega was yet again when she identified Rex as a G1 clone? Yeah sure she said it was his wrinkles, but it just seems that this kid has an uncanny ability to sense things that others would not. Hmmmm. 

I really appreciated how they depicted Rex’s reaction to learning that the Batch still had their chips in. It just goes to show how much PTSD he’s experiencing from his own ordeal with battling Order 66 controlled clones, and it also reinforced the dire position the Batch was in with Wrecker’s chip and their own. 

Speaking of Rex, I also found the moments of him remembering his escape and the events that played out on the Jedi Star Cruiser after they landed on Bracca to be a great callback to the ordeal. He even indirectly mentions Ahsoka when he tells the Batch how he removed his chip. His reminiscing was just a great follow up to the last time we saw him in action, and really helped to connect this series back to the final moments of the clone wars. 

I’ve been warning of Wrecker’s eventual break since Episode 3 and it finally happened. While I missed on my guess that it would cost the Batch big time in terms of loss, his turn did reveal that the chip and Order 66 can somehow make clones know who are Jedi, as well as who are clones that violated Order 66. He specifically says all clones in violation of Order 66 shall be terminated. So it seems as if the chips are constantly updated with new targets as the Empire learns about clone traitors and force users. Think of it as a database update that chipped clones can use to instantly identify targets. 

Even though it negated some of my series predictions, it is key to know now that the Batch is fully chip free, so we shouldn’t have to worry about anymore Order 66 shenanigans out of them. 

One has to think that Rex was talking to Ahsoka in this scene when he told someone he would meet them at a rendezvous point. I mean he mentions a Resistance movement under the guise of working with former good guys and gals from the Republic, and Ahsoka would most definitely also be working with this same movement. Hell, they’re probably the main drivers at this point with their knowledge, so he definitely was in communication with her to plan their next move. 

To round things out I have to mention the foreshadowing we got at the end when it’s revealed that the Scrappers are Imperial informants and rat the Batch out. This will surely bleed into the next episode or down the road after the Empire learns of the Bracca Intruders on Jedi cruisers. How’s that for a Star Wars rhyme!

Make sure to tune into the next episode of the Star Wars Time Show in which myself and my co-host Nick will fully breakdown Battle Scars and give our thoughts on it as a whole.

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