Lots of callbacks to the Clone Wars era and a mystery character were featured in The Bad Batch Season 1 Episode 6 – Decommissioned, so head on down below to find out who this character may be, and why he is working with the Martez Sisters from the final season of The Clone Wars.


It’s time to pick apart the latest episode of the Bad Batch, which checks in as S1E6, aka, Decommissioned. 

Let’s get started with its easter eggs and Star Wars references. 

Up first we get a Clone Wars era callback in the form of the Tactical droid target that Cid gives to the Batch. Corellia is also mentioned, which is the home of Han Solo and was featured in the film. 

It seems that the sticking your ship to the hull of another ship tactic is quite common in Star Wars as we see Tech use the same maneuver that Both Obi-Wan and Han Solo have employed to escape detection. 

Another Clone Wars era reference here thanks to the Battledroids seen being smelted into metal, probably for ships considering that the factory is on Corellia. 

And the big canon reference in this episode came in the form of Rafa and Trace martez, the two sisters Ahsoka teamed up with in The Clone Wars to figure out that she still wanted to be a protector of the righteous and use her powers for good. I’m sure some of you rolled your eyes, but I’ve got no beef with the sisters and how they were used to help Ahsoka figure out who she wanted to be after quitting the Order. 

And last but not least, it appears Ahsoka did fix up R7 after all, as he is working with the Sisters and piloting their Silver Angel ship. 

Key Moments

And now for the key moments. 

It should be noted now that the Bad Batch is seemingly hunkering down on Ord Mantell and working for Cid. This is the first time they’ve really had a base of operations, and the fact that they’ve essentially become Mercs for cid is also noteworthy. She said she can help protect them via this partnership, but it also sounds like she’s holding it over their heads, so the whole Cid/Bad Batch dynamic just may be a feature throughout this series now, and don’t sleep on her eventually ratting them out for her own gain. 

Roger roger, I definitely appreciated seeing what was done with the millions of B1s and B2s at the end of the war. One can only guess that they were being melted down for the imperial fleet considering Corellia’s a well known ship building planet, but either way it was a nice bit of casual lore to further flesh out the transition from the Clone Wars era to the Rise of the Empire. 

Well friends, it’s happening. Wrecker’s head issue is as about as plain as day now as he’s even starting to recite the Good Soldiers quote that Crosshair has made infamous now. This was just a tease for his full break, which seems to be imminent at this point.

Again, I did not hate or find the Martez sisters thread to be a waste of life in the Clone Wars, so I did enjoy seeing their return, but more importantly, I appreciated the fact that they seem to be working for the forces of good now, and Rafa’s line about people always pick a side in the end is a direct result of her adventures with Ahsoka and learning that being a hero, is always better than being a force for evil. A full circle moment if you will for the character, and a good sign that the Martez sisters were an integral part of the early movement against the empire. 

Alright, and now for the doozy of a tease at the end of this episode. All we know for sure is that the person they contact is a man, because Rafa says I’ll patch him through, so the contact has to be a dude, or it’s ashoka already assuming the role of Fulcrum, but I find that highly unlikely considering her bond with the sisters. They would’ve said her regardless. 

So that leaves me with two other options. Bail Organa, or Rex. We know Rex is definitely going to be in the show, but one would think that the sisters would have referred to the Batch as this person’s brothers or friends if it was indeed Rex. She just called them Rogue clones and indicated she could give this person their location. That could just be a matter of semantics as Rex would be someone that would task others with getting a tactical droid to help the good guys fight the clones. 

But then there’s the issue of the robe/cape thing the person is wearing. Rex has been shown in the trailers in his armor, but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw a robe over it, but it also looked like the cape we’ve seen Bail Organa wear, and he most definitely would be interested in finding ways to defeat the Empire’s clone forces. 

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the Martez sisters have linked back up with Ahsoka due to them having R7, and they’re all working with the early factions of what will become the Rebel alliance many years down the road. Rex and Bail would most definitely be involved as well. 

Now I know the robe could be described as Jedi like too, but there’s no way it’s Kenobi as he wasn’t involved in the rebellion until the very end, and I’m not sure what other Jedi would still be wearing their robes at this point in time, so I do think the character is ultimately Rex or Bail Organa. Take it to the bank. 

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