For the first time this season The Bad Batch was a bit of a bust thanks to Season 1 Episode 13, aka, “Infested”, but nevertheless, it has been broken down below.


In life, not everyone can be a winner, and that’s also the case for the latest episode of The Bad Batch, which is S1e13, aka, Infested. 

This is going to be a quick one friends, so let’s get right to it. 

Bear with me as I cover this episodes eggs and references, which I’ll kick off with a Gundarks mention, which comes from echo and was similar to an exchange Obi-Wan and Anakin had about a mission in Attack of the Clones. 

Up next we saw the return of the Pykes, who make up one of Star Wars’ biggest Crime syndicates. They were most recently featured in the final season of the clone wars over a multi episode arc featuring Ahsoka and the Martez sisters. 

When the Pykes are around you’re also surely to get a Spice mention, Star Wars’ version of cocaine if you will, and we did when Cid revealed her plan to get her parlor back. 

To round things out we got an Oba Diah mention, which is the homeward of the pykes, and a location featured in The Clone Wars. I know, mind blowing. 

Key Moments

And now for the key moments!

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Ok, so I vowed to never use the term filler when describing any sort of Star Wars content, but for a lack of a better word, that’s what Infested offered. Let’s just call it basic. 

It’s hard to even argue that Cid’s use of blackmail was key, because she’s been doing that since day one. I mean the Batch’s debt has been paid for quite sometime now, yet they still work for her due to her leverage over them, so nothing new lore wise or lesson wise occurred thanks to Cid’s threat. 

I mean Omega sticking up for Roland is hardly a new move on her part as she’s been shown to be rather forgiving and accepting of all sorts of characters, so again, we didn’t get any new growth for her or the rest of the cast. 

In fact, this episode didn’t add a damn thing to the Bad Batch’s core plot, nor the Star Wars Mythos overall. It was just a basic mission featuring blackmail, some follies, and the good guys getting the job done in the end. One would say it was the definition of a miller time episode in that no world building or character growth occurred, but the good guys and gals still won the day as usual, and everything worked out in the end. 

Now I’m not going to get all salty over this episode, but for the first time in the series I will agree that the show felt flat and uninspiring. If there’s a clunker contest for Bad Batch Season 1, Infested would win by more than 12 parsecs. 

Make sure to tune into the next episode of the Star Wars Time Show in which myself and my co-host Nick will fully breakdown Infested and give our thoughts on it as a whole.

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