Lucasfilm has dropped the first trailer for The Acolyte, which is set to hit Disney+ on June 4th.

This will be the first series to really put a narrative spotlight on the darker side of the galaxy thanks to its promise to show us how darkness began to rise in a time of extreme light and good will. It’s also set prior to the Skywalker Saga, so it is free from many of the constraints that stories set in that era have to deal with.

With that being said, that could also be a downside for the series if it can’t hook die hard fans in who only care about what happened in the Skywalker Saga. Either way, it looks bold and daring, and if done well, it could be one of the more talked about Star Wars properties in quite some time.

While the trailer doesn’t give much away, especially if you aren’t into the High Republic, it did offer up a few reveals and character names.

  • Jedi Master Sol is the dude from Squid Games
  • Jedi Yord is the dude from Russian Dolls
  • Jedi Jecki is Daphne Keen
  • It appears The Acolyte may go to Ach-to
  • Aniseya appears to be influential, maybe related to Acolyte

After checking out our reaction to the trailer, head on down below to check out some choice stills.

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