The Acolyte has finally made its debut on Disney+, and while it may not have rocked anyone’s Star Wars world with a moment some would say is water cooler worthy, it featured some amazing looking visuals, sounds, and mostly character performances.

If anything, the mystery its narrative is weaving is intriguing and definitely entices you to yearn for what will happen next. I wouldn’t say we are seeing anything Star Wars new, but so far The Acolyte is worth engaging with to see how it will all play out in the end.

Head on down below for the full review and breakdown. I also go into a theory on Qimir, who is not even close to just being a simple scoundrel/trader/information-kind of character. He has to be a follower of the Dark side in some capacity if not being an actual Sith apprentice to the show’s Master.

The much anticipated and oddly hated before it even released The Acolyte series has dropped its two episode premiere, and while it may not have featured any Star Wars water cooler moments and had most of its big moments spoiled by trailers, what we got story wise is intriguing and boy does the world look and feel amazing, so yes I’m down and looking forward to how it all plays out. 

Let’s start there with the visual design, because The Acolyte looks absolutely lived in Star Wars. The use of practical sets, aliens, props etc. all really help to make this era of Star Wars feel alive and from a real place in our galaxy. The aesthetics of this show are a marriage between George’s original films and their groundbreaking practical effects and sets, and the prequels with their cleaner more pristine landscapes peppered with CG to spruce things up a bit. 

It really did feel like we were watching a prequel to the prequels thanks to the visual design, and I also found the musical score to be very PT-era correct and complimentary to the narrative and world. 

For the most part I also enjoyed meeting a bunch of new characters ranging from Jedi, to Unaligned force users, to a guy who pretends to be a trader but is probably a Sith apprentice himself, more on Qimir in a bit, oh we even got a new douchey Jedi in the form of Yord, who is challenging Mace Windu for the title of Mr. By the Book, and giving Kylo Ren future inspiration for hanging out topless as a force user. 

The Acolyte’s core mystery of the Brendock fire, the twins, and how four Jedi were involved in a perceived disaster is also very intriguing, not to mention what’s going on over on Mae’s side of things with Qimir, and the Teeth Mask guy. 

I do find myself really wanting to know exactly what happened to cause Osha to hate Mae and think she was dead and also what led her to leave the order, how Mae survived and why she’s hellbent on killing the four jedi, and then of course who is the masked man and is he an actual Master, or is he just an apprentice trying to take out his master by recruiting mae and taking advantage of her hate. 

Surprisingly, I’m finding Qimir, a character no one was really focusing on before the premiere as being anything more than a scoundrel type, as the most mysterious and possibly narratively important character. I can almost guarantee that this dude is the real Sith Apprentice who is recruiting Mae to take out his Master. He may very well be the man behind the teeth mask even. 

I don’t see him being the actual Master because both he and Mae refer to a him, so there is another person in their orbit directing them, but I do feel strongly that Qimir is fulfilling the actual apprentice role and mae is his acolyte. Apprentices need to recruit acolytes to take out their masters, it’s been done time and time again both in Lucas Star Wars and legends, so I don’t think this theory is off base. 

The dude starts quoting the Sith creed, to the point Mae is like I GET IT, enough, I understand that peace is a lie because you Sith talk about it all the time. How about how he knows how to make poison, is that a common smuggler/scoundrel skill set? What about the fact that he was able to defend himself from Mae’s sneak attack after she wanted to kill him for ratting her out? Hell, the fact that he ratted her out to the Jedi is very Sithy. 

Just bookmark this review, because Qimir is going to be the actual surprise twist of the show. 

In terms of what didn’t work for me in this premiere I will say that I think Lucasfilm did an absolute disservice to these episodes by including nearly every single big moment and scene in the trailers leading up to its debut. There was nothing left to surprise because all the major beats were covered in the trailers. We just got to see more of the nuanced scenes, but the big action beats and reveals were already in trailers. 

Don’t even get me started on the twin stuff. I’m not even sure why they even tried to pretend that we all didn’t know that from trailers and posters, so it’s good that that “twist” is out of the way, but it seemed like they wanted to suck the air out of that reveal before the show even released, which is odd. 

At times some of the line delivery was very prequel-esque and if George himself was directing, but mostly the performances were pretty solid. 

The Acolyte definitely didn’t blow me away, or make me feel like I was watching something new being done in the Star Wars universe, but I did enjoy it, and I am very eager to see where the mystery takes us. I do think if the final narrative reveal hits, people will ultimately fall in love with this show and its characters, but if the final reveal is easily guessable, or overly weak, The Acolyte will be DOA. 

Top Moments time!

Even though it’s been shown a zillion times, finally seeing the Indara v Mae duel in full was a treat. It sucks that Carrie-Anne had to be the first Jedi to die, but damn did she look awesome and graceful doing it. I found the whole fight to be a ballet of sorts and I appreciated how the moves were focused on how each character would act in the situation. Mae using Indara’s Jedi nature against her to beat her was brilliant, and it showed that she’s a formidable foe being trained by an even more formidable foe. Plus, it was 100% Jedi Trinity action, so yes, it was great. 

Up next I have the prison ship crash. This scene was just pure Star Wars chaos from start to finish. I loved the mix of aliens and humans trying to breakout and how they all looked and acted. It was a Star Wars circus to the max complete with Chair droids and classic looking and sounding escape pods. 

This one may be weird to some of you, but I really loved the visuals of mae trying to kill torbin while he was taking the Barash Vow. It’s not really something we’ve seen before in live action Star Wars and it showed how powerful a Jedi can be when he is one with the force and fully communing with it. Droidekas don’t have jack on Torbin’s shield that’s for sure. 

And finally, this last one is simply seven words: Wookie using the force in live action. Enough said. 

And for our eggs and references

How about getting some sort of an opening crawl complete with a downward camera pan?

Neimoidan’s and they sound less like people doing racist asian accents!

Tasi Lowa here  is a Zygerrian making her the first to appear in live action, they were made infamous in The Clone Wars for being slavers. 

Classic looking escape pods and sounds, took me right back to the Tantive 4. 

Carlac was the only not new planet featured outside of Coruscant. This snow world first appeared in The Clone Wars A Friend in Need. 

Pretty sure Osha has some form of Force Walkie Talkie like Kylo and Rey, and while Mae doesn’t seem able to reciprocate, their twin bond sounds and feels very Dyad-like although possibly a perverted version of it. 

Torbin took the Barash Vow named after Jedi Master Barash Silvain from the High Republic era. 

Qimir our sith apprentice mentioned the Hutts. 

And finally Yord dropped the iconic I have a bad feeling about this Star Wars line. 

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