The Acolyte Episode 5 “Night” just may be some of the most radical looking and feeling Star Wars to ever be produced in live-action, and even if you’ve been sour on this series for whatever reason, this episode has to at least make you go WOW!

There were deaths, and not just “Red Shirt” types. There were reveals, even if obvious, but even those still make you wonder what the real mystery truly is. This episode is awesome for the most part, so head on down below to take in the full review and breakdown.

Wow, just wow, and for those of you who have been calling me a shill for saying positive things about The Acolyte I know even an episode like this won’t please you and you’ll find something wrong with some of the most radical force user action we’ve ever seen, and to you I say, welcome go ahead and throw those digital punches, because what just went down in The Acolyte Episode 5 has to be some of the most top tier looking, feeling, sounding, and being Star Wars to ever hit a live-action medium. 

Yes, the promise that this show’s lightsaber duels would rival The Phantom Menace is true. In fact, we may have just been given some of the most brutal Sith on Jedi action to ever be featured in moving images. 

Sure Vader’s Hallway scene is an iconic gem, but he’s facing off against rebel schmoes without an ounce of the force behind them, so it’s hard to compare what he did to what Qimir, aka the Sith Lord Stranger did to fully trained Jedi Knights and Masters. And before I go on, I went with the Sith Lord title because that is what Manny Jacinto himself is calling him in a new interview that everyone should read if you like deeper insights into this sci-fi fantasy fiction stuff, so there’s that sort of confirmation that Qimir at least thinks he’s a Sith Lord based on how he’s acting. 

Now one could also argue that he may be the first ever Knight of Ren, or at least someone that influenced them down the road, because it’s hard not to make that connection when he dresses like them, complete with a Ren type of helmet, bare tatooeed arms, a red saber, and even more curiously, Kylo Ren’s theme playing for him when he heals Osha. 

Like I said, maybe he his Sith, he doesn’t confirm in the show by what he says to Sol, but Manny, his actor, said so in an interview, either way, the dude to me is now one of the most raw and badass dark side users of all-time, and I can’t wait to see where this character ends up, and the impact he will have on the dark side down the road. 

Anyway, back to this episode’s amazing force fueled action and revelations. I’ll touch on all the great action moments below in the top moments breakdown, but from the literal start of the show until Qimir gets oddly floated away by mutant pill bugs, this episode was in your face with top tier fight choreography and swordplay. Sol, Jecki, and Qimir all stand out as having amazing action moments, and while the Padawan is no more, her courage in battle will not be forgotten by the fans. 

In terms of revelations this episode provided the Qimir as Space Gimp was easily guessed back in episode 1, but what I appreciated about the official reveal is that it still felt freaking legit and earned. Most of us knew he would be under that helmet, but the way it went down and how the official reveal was shown by having a dead padawan slink away was brilliant and muted the fact that the reveal wasn’t as shocking as many expected. 

The real mystery now lies with Sol’s past, this darkness that Qimir knows he’s burying and why he’s keeping it hidden. Was Qimir there the night of the Brendok fire and did he see Sol do something, or is he just being Sithy and trying to twist things. Why does Sol keep saying he will reveal the full truth if he’s already told it to Osha and the Order. Have they brainwashed Osha for real? Did the Jedi destroy the Witch Coven in cold blood, or was it a result of discovering their ties to the Dark Side and/or the Sith via the unnatural conception of the twins? Did the Sith, be it Qimir, or his actual master help to destroy the Witches too by framing the four Jedi? 

Hell, were the Sith there just like the Jedi to claim the twins for themselves and then all hell broke loose thanks to Mother Koril siding with the dark siders? 

These are the questions that make this show super thrilling to me and why I believe its narrative to be strong even though the serialized reveals may be too slow for some. The slow drip of the overall mystery being revealed is appreciated over here, and I think that’s why and episode like this pops so hard because we all got to release some of the build up from the show’s first two acts as we head into act 3. 

I will say that the episode did drag a bit, something this series seems to excel at doing for at least a few scenes in each episode, during the Mae and Osha full on reunion. That feeling of something being off was present that I’ve felt in other episodes, so it could be performance, direction, the practical set, who knows, but the twins kinda sucked some air out of this edge of your set kind of episode. 

The whole parent trap thing is kind of surprising and I’m not sure if I love it, but I think I will in the end. It sets up a ton of potential for the surviving main characters of Sol, Qimir, Osha, and Mae to get whole new perspectives on the Brendock incident and the current state of affairs.

I could see Osha’s time with Qimir leading her to discover new truths that could have her possibly killing Sol unarmed and fulfilling the challenge Qimir gave her sister when she was his acolyte.

While on the other hand, Mae, who probably still wants to kill Sol and expose the Jedi lies to her sister, may learn a few things herself about how she too was manipulated for another person or factions gain, and what that may do to her end game plans. 

Listen, this episode was awesome no matter how you slice it, and I believe it sets us up for a wild three episode finish. 

Let’s get into those top moments, which for the first time ever required actual clips because screenshots would not do them justice. 

Yeah the opening fight against the red shirts with a cameo by Yord really set the hardcore tone for this episode’s duels. From seeing Q headbutt lightsabers to short them out, to literally skewering two jedi on his blade while decaptating them for good measure, I’m not sure any fan expected to see this level of brutality in a Disney produced show so good on Leslye for trying and Lucasfilm for letting the talent get their narrative way. I mean if the double impale wasn’t enough you got a legit saber boomerang toss for the first time in live action, yes I know vader throws his but it doesn’t come back to him, so this was better. 

Next is Padawan Jecki’s amazing duel with Q. I mean she shined in her win against Mae, but watching this child jedi do her thing against a clearly much more skilled and diabolical warrior was something else. She showed guts, strength, and more skill with a saber than possibly even Padawan Kenobi. 

The duel wield moment hit hard too and looked great flowing on the screen. This was just a fun fight to cheer for, even if it ended with my next top moment.

Which is Qimir’s official reveal via a 3-stab saber kill on Jecki. At first I thought he may have used some Trakata, the forbidden saber move, but it does look like he used his hidden blade to stab her repeatedly like a padawan pin cushion. 

It was just a brilliant visual way to confirm that goofy Qimir was indeed behind the mask, and like he tells Sol, the Jedi would call him a Sith. Note that he didn’t call himself that, so take that for what it’s worth and maybe run with the Knights of Ren origin story potential, or you buy Manny, his actor, saying explicitly that he’s a Sith lord in an official interview. 

Either way the reveal was perfect and solidified Qimir as one of the coolest dark side subscribers of all-time. 

And the final top moment is when Sol dips back into the dark side and starts physically beating the tar out of Qimir with his bare fists to the point that he’s more than ready to use his saber to end the newly revealed Sith Lord on the spot. If it weren’t for Osha pulling an Anakin and stopping Sol like Skywalker stopped Mace Windu, Sol would’ve let that darkness Qimir know about out in full, so still can’t wait to learn what this Master is keeping buried in his soul. 

Eggs and References time.

I had to confirm after seeing Q’s helmet take saber blows and even short them out, but it does appear that his helmet and gauntlets are made out of cortosis, which is a metal that like Beskar can block high energy projectiles and sabers, but it can also short circuit sabers temporarily. 

I’m sure I’ll get some hate on this one, but I totally got Anakin coming to stop Mace and remind him of the Jedi Way when Osha showed up and stopped Sol from killing Qimir like Windu wanted to do to Sidious. She didn’t even have to say much, she just looked at him and he knew he crossed a line, so I guess there is hope for Sol not being an evil hidden Sith Master, but he definitely channeled some dark energy thanks to Qimir’s antics. 

Hey now, practical Dejarik, who needs a holo projector version!

And finally, Qimir did a force heal maneuver on Osha and the cherry on top is that Kylo Ren’s theme played while he did so. 

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