The Acolyte Season 1 Episode 4, titled, “Day” left fans with a massive cliffhanger to stew on for the next week, and based on the amount of chatter, both good and bad, but mostly good, it sounds like most fans can’t wait to see where things head next thanks to the unexpected direction the final few moments took.

Of course there were some divisive narrative choices, and the Jedi are being portrayed in a not so righteous light, but the core mystery keeps intriguing, making it hard not to speculate what may happen next.

Head on down below for our full breakdown and review plus a stills gallery.

The Acolyte continued to weave its very intriguing and mysterious narrative this week, with what I believe to be the most well rounded episode to date in Day. For the first time this season I didn’t feel myself saying, “Something feels off about the overall production value”, be it the writing, the performances, or the direction of the scenes. 

This episode just seemed to flow better and felt very Star Wars prequel era-ish, especially the salacious scenes with the Jedi Small council. 

Above all, this episode did a great job at laying the groundwork yet again for how the benevolent Jedi order could allow their greatest rivals to rise and gain unlimited power right under their noses. 

Hubris was leaking through my screen watching them all debate the possibility of a splinter order without even considering they could be Sith, then they all agree to keep it secret so they don’t cause fear and mistrust from the galaxy they’re sworn to defend. They’re so blinded by the Jedi way that they can’t even compute an apprentice not knowing their Master’s identity as being something very Sith-like. 

They don’t even mutter the word because they literally refuse to believe that any other force user in the universe could be anything but a former Jedi. Vernestra even confidently says that she knows Mae has been trained by a Jedi. Well wasn’t there another order that split from the Jedi who had ideas of their own on how to use the force and how to train others to embrace its dark side?

I mean their downfall, if it hadn’t already started, began in this episode. Hell, we may be able to put a large amount of the blame of Master Sol and Master Rowe when this is all said and done, because these two seem quite fine with white lies to their Order, and are content with lying about it to their superiors. Not very Jedi-like at all. 

I will say that Qimir continues to be a standout character, and it’s starting to feel like the writers are going out of their way to show that he’s not just Qimir and more than likely he’s Kylo Grin, aka, Darth Teeths, aka Abeloth’s super fan, aka, the Star Wars Gimp, and I digress. 

His tone and the conversation points he has with Mae are just so obviously coming from his hidden personality that I wonder if him being Kylo Grin is too obvious making it an impossibility, but based on some stills from the encounter in this episode, the supposed Sith does have masculine looking arms and hands, and appears to have slapped his outfit on rather hastily has he’s nude underneath his poncho. 

I will stick with my OG theory that the helmet wearing, red saber wielding baddie is Qimir, but like I speculated back then, he is not the Master like Mae and everyone else thinks. He’s the apprentice recruiting his Acolyte in Mae, to take out his actual Master, which I hope and really should be George-canon-wise, Darth Plagueis. 

That or, he’s a rival Sith apprentice trying to take out a rival Master, but either way Plagueis’ involvement has to be present in my mind so we can get a clear through line to what Palpatine’s Master was up to before he ever took on Sheev, unknowingly creating the most successful Sith Master of all time. 

The episode did lose its way a bit once the Jedi reach Khofar, because like them searching for Mae, the pacing just felt like it started to meander worse than Yord trying to lead a group of Jedi through a massive forest. A bit of this series’ patented wonkiness cropped up in these moments, but not enough to make me question the overall quality of the production like I’ve done in the past. 

Top Moments Time

I have to start with the Jedi Small Council, or what should be known as the Jedi Shady Council. Like I mentioned before, this scene just did a perfect job at highlighting how the Jedi of this era were so overly confident in their ways that they couldn’t see a Sith threat right in front of their faces. 

They refuse to even utter the word, and can only imagine it’s a splinter Jedi order training people in the Jedi arts. There’s no consideration given for the chance that their long thought extinct foils could have returned. 

These Jedi, led by Vernestra Rowe, are so concerned about the bad politics of it all that they’re willing to lie and keep the ordeal secret from their own high council. Think about that for real. Multiple Jedi Masters agreed to hide the fact that someone trained like a Jedi is killing Jedi and they don’t know who their Master is to boot. 

Poor Ki-Adi-Mundi tries to do the right thing, but he’s shot down. No wonder he has strong convictions about the Sith being extinct in TPM, because he’s partly complicit in what is looking like a Jedi cover up, and he like the rest, could only believe it was a splintered Jedi faction, not the Sith. So, yeah, he clearly wasn’t thinking this is Sith related, and based on how things are already being swept under the rug, it’s not a stretch to think that when this is all said and done, that if any of these people in the know survive, they’ve committed to keeping it a secret from the Order at large. 

And the final top moment is obviously the arrival of Kylo Grin, aka, Darth Happy, ok I’ll stop. How freaking cool was that entrance? I mean things got a little horror-like in Star Wars which was awesome, but the visuals were just creepy and powerful. I didn’t get Mary Poppins vibes at all, it just seemed like a dark side user flexing like we know they like to do when they make an entrance. 

The tense standoff with Osha, the shock of the Jedi, then to see the sheer power of this Qimir guy, I mean, this Sith, who is an apprentice by the way, this is not the Master everyone thinks they are, just all made this encounter amazing to witness. 

Upon further review the character does appear to be a man based on the exposed arms and hands, so him being Qimir is very likely. My out of left field guess would be Mother Koril because we still need her ultimate fate to be revealed, but Qimir just makes a ton of sense, hopefully not too much sense. I do feel like the real twist will be that he’s not the master, rather the apprentice recruiting an acolyte to take out his master, which again I hope is Plagueis, or I’d even take Tenebrous. 

And now for some references. 

First time seeing a Jedi wookie in Jedi robes in live action am I right?

And this isn’t an egg or reference to other Star Wars, but hopefully everyone say the clear Yin and Yang references in his hovel, not to mention on the Witch coven symbolism that matches the tattoos they had from their Ascensions. I’ve been saying all along the twins are a true Yin and Yang, so hopefully we get more on that motif moving forward. 

And he even has a bowcaster, so I wonder if Chewie hooked him up because you know he’s alive at this time. 

Ki-Adi-Mundi, and he still seems like a gruff Jedi with a bit of snootiness about him. I know some are bent over him being there but who cares, he’s an alien in a fantasy show, so he can live as long as he wants. 

There was also a Kel Dor Jedi, but he is not Plo Koon, just a look a like thanks to the breathing masks they have to wear. 

And lastly, our buddy Bazil is a Tynnan, which is a race for canonized in Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. 

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