Welcome back to the proper non special edition of the Star Wars Time Show! This week on the show we cover stories from all over the Star Wars Galaxy from toy leaks to a possible new Holiday special.

First up, Matt and I quickly touch on a Tweet put out by the official Star Wars Twitter that, of course, sent people into a tizzy. Then we touch on a new edition of Star Wars Pinball that has released on the Nintendo Switch, the new thumbnails for the Skywalker Saga films on Disney+, and some character details from a Black Series toy leak.

Next up we move into the Mando side of things with a story about Mando head Jon Favreau’s desire to do a new Holiday special, 5 possible characters for Ming-Na Wen, and 11 possible animated characters that we could see brought to live action in Mando.

And last but never least, we dive into the top 5.

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