Welcome back to a brand spankin’ new edition of the Star Wars Time Show. Today, Matt and I discuss a ton of different topics from all over the Star Wars universe.

First up on the docket is some unfortunate news for Galaxy’s Edge goers who were planning to bring home some cool coke bottle souvenirs.

Then we discuss a couple of Star Wars video games that made the news this week, Jedi Fallen Order and a new game coming in 2020, LEGO Star Wars Battles.

Next up, we discuss the new Star Wars properties that are set to release in the coming month. First, we talk through an interview with Giancarlo Esposito from The Mandalorian, and then we move into 2 pieces from JJ Abrams regarding TROS, one around Adam Driver’s performance and one about TLJ’s impact on the film.

Finally, we move into the Top 10 IG Artists of the week! Yes you heard that right, TOP 10!

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May the Force be with you, always.

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