Welcome back to a special edition of the Star Wars Time Show!

If you have been following along with us for a while, you know that our mid-week show always covers a special topic of a show review. Since there are no Star Wars shows on the air tonight currently, we have been using the mid-week show to throw out some homebrewed speculation around The Rise of Skywalker. Last week we covered some Palpatine speculation, and this week we are going to go over the mysterious MacGuffin that has been rumored.

The theory that we go over in this cast is that a holocron will be the plot device that will cause the Resistance and First Order to meet up early in the movie and possibly chase each other across the galaxy up until the climax of the film. If you have played any of the video games, read any books/comics, or watched any of the TV shows, you most likely have seen or heard of Sith or Jedi holocrons. Their use as repositories of information make them a perfect candidate to get The Rise of Skywalker’s story moving quickly from the get go.

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