Welcome back to a highly controversial special edition of the Star Wars Time Show! Matt and I have heard the requests from you guys and have decided to do a cast dedicated to some of the leaks that that have been floating around on Reddit. As noted in the title, we are entering major potential spoiler territory here, so if you want to go into The Rise of Skywalker clean, you may want to shy away from this episode.

For those of you who want to stick around, you can follow along with the Act 1 leak summary from JediPaxis on Reddit here. We do a pretty deep dive into Act 1, give our thoughts, and maybe call bullshit on a few things.

We are undecided if we will do another cast like this for Acts 2 and 3, but we will keep the listeners updated on the plans for these types of casts.

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May the Force be with you, always.

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