This cast was a bit of a somber one due to the passing of Peter Mayhew, the actor who first brought Chewbacca to life, so we commemorate him by talking about a few of our favorite Chewie moments, while also highlighting a few tributes his cast mates gave him.

Of course, we also featured a few Chewie toy photography tributes from the community during our fandom segment, which Nick highlighted in his Top 5 post from last week. During this segment we also mention the new Vader Smuggler’s Bounty box, and Razer’s new line of Stormtrooper inspired PC gaming peripherals.

I believe we go on a tangent or two, but quite frankly I was buzzed during the cast and don’t fully remember what they were about, so you’ll have to tune in to find out where they go. Honestly though, I broke my hand and can’t type for shit, so I’m over trying to type up this post.

But we do end on some Mark Hamill Twitter trolling, who riled up his fans last week with a Photoshop image featuring the old trilogy cast together on the Falcon.

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