The time is quickly approaching, Star Wars fans. Star Wars Celebration 2019 is almost here! What does that mean for this podcast? It means that Matt and I were a little light on topics, but we still managed to scrape together some material for the Star Wars Time Show!

We kick off the show with a special edition of the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week. By special I mean that we extended the Top 5 to the Top 9 by adding in a HeywoodPop shot and some amazing shots from the C3P-Bros.

We continue our fandom section with an awesome look at how Star Wars ships and space stations compare in size to every day objects on Earth! This video gives great context to the films and also allows the fans to get a more accurate view of the ships and their true size.

Next, we talk about a new project from John Stratman that will take the popular Vader Down comic series and turn it into a 2 part, 16 bit animated series! Vader Down is one of the best representations of Darth Vader at his most powerful, so seeing this brought to life in 16 bit glory will be fantastic!

Finally, we talk a little about Rian Johnson’s new trilogy and how it could be a rebirth of sorts for the Star Wars franchise!

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May the Force be with you, always.

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