Welcome back to another episode of the official Friday edition of the Star Wars Time Show!

This week we have a lot to talk about and only a little time to do it. Wait… Strike that, reverse it. Have no fear though, a slow week in news is merely a reason for long tangents for the Star Wars Time boys!

First up, we talk about some brand new collectibles and toys coming out very soon, specifically the Meisho Samurai series Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and First Order Trooper plus some exclusive collectibles coming to this year’s SDCC!

Next up, we briefly touch on a new Star Wars Resistance Racer game that is now available via the Disney Now app. The game plays pretty smoothly and is pretty fun if you have a couple minutes to kill.

We have 1 piece of tangentially related episode IX news this week that involves Daisy Ridley and her inclusion in future Star Wars movies.

Finally, we get into the best topic of the week, the Top 5 IG Pics of the Week! Tons of great material this week. BF2 in game screenshots, Mashups, and MORE!

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Stay strong, stay smart, and may the Force be with you, always.

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