Welcome back to everyone’s favorite Star Wars podcast, the Star Wars Time Show! The boys are back in the studio after a week off and are ready to spill all of the news and rumors that are jumping through the Star Wars galaxy.

First topic of discussion this week is news that an official Knights of the Old Republic film could be in the works! All we know is that Shutter Island screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis is currently working on the script and Lucasfilm will be taking that material and making decisions based on that.

Next up, we have tons of news and rumors concerning The Rise of Skywalker. We talk about Matt Smith’s removal from the official cast list, a rumor about Rey’s parents, and go over 11 facts about TROS that we found out from the massive Vanity Fair piece.

We close the show this week with a quick peek at the Clegane Bowl from Game of Thrones remade with lightsabers, and then we jump into our favorite part of the show, the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week!

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May the Force be with you, always.

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