Welcome back to the original Star Wars Time Show! This week was a little light in terms of brand new news items, but Matt and I were still able to put a good amount of time in the books.

First up this week, we quickly touch on the tease of Triple Force Friday which is set to pop off September 26th at 2pm! Then we touch on 2 new toy releases, Hot Toys Gonk & Jawa and Black Series ‘Skywalker Strikes’ Luke Skywalker.

After that, we touch on the cover reveal for Kylo Ren #1, a comic book that Matt and I may actually read, and then go over the newest update for Battlefront 2.

Next up, we go over a leaked piece of cover art for Star Wars Insider, and then discuss all of the revelations that have come out of Bob Iger’s new book.

We close out the show with the always incredible Top 5 IG Artists of the Week, plus a super special shot breakdown from Matt!

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May the Force be with you, always.

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