Welcome back to the official, the original, the one and only Star Wars Time Show! This week the boys cover everything from the Star Wars universe and a couple things outside of that universe.

It was a bit of a slow day in the news realm for the galaxy far, far away, but there were still some interesting nuggets to talk about, mostly around the video game, YouTube, and Fandom sphere.

First up, we gush over the fantastic YouTube Kids series Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures , then we move into a quick overview of the newest Battlefront II expansion which brings finally brings Droidekas to the battlefield. And yes, we now know that the name of the update is a reference to a line said in The Phantom Menace, but when we talked about it, we were dumb. Big surprise.

Next up we discuss how quickly the tickets for Celebration 2020 came and went, and then Matt gives us a breakdown of an awesome Star Wars easter egg in Toy Story 4. Then, we give a quick shout out to the Corridor Crew for putting out an amazing video that breaks down all the good and the bad when it comes to VFX in the prequels, and then we discuss Mark Hamill’s feelings on The Rise of Skywalker and how he could be used in the movie.

Finally, we move into our favorite segment of the week, the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week! If you are a master of the Sith or just a general lover of the Dark Side, this week’s Top 5 is definitely for you.

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May the Force be with you, always.

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