In their recent episode, the hosts dedicated some time to discussing the highly anticipated Ahsoka series. They reflected on their initial expectations and predictions for the show, offering insights into what they were hoping to see and how their hopes aligned with the actual series.

In addition to their Ahsoka series analysis, the hosts also touched on some intriguing Star Wars news. One topic of discussion was the cancellation of the Guillermo Del Toro Jabba the Hutt film. They explored the potential storyline and concept behind the scrapped project, leaving fans curious about what could have been.

Moreover, the hosts provided details about an upcoming series called Skeleton Crew. While no specific information was given, its mention piqued the curiosity of listeners, who eagerly await further updates on this mysterious project set in the Star Wars universe.

Lastly, the hosts shared news about an exciting deal struck between the makers of Star Wars movies and various linear TV stations, including ABC and Disney. This deal ensures that Star Wars movies will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience through these platforms, allowing fans old and new to enjoy the epic saga on the small screen.

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Note: This episode happens in 2 parts due to a technical issue!

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