Sung Kang is back at it again dropping little tidbits about his Obi-Wan Kenobi series character for Disney+ thanks to a new interview in which he confirms that his character will wield a lightsaber.

A little while ago he shed some light on his character and that led to many fans speculating that he will be playing a character that may wield the Force and use a lightsaber. We have been told that this character will be an Inquisitor from our source, and many other Star Wars insiders have him slated to be the Fifth Brother.

Thanks to his recent reveal, it’s hard not to guess that he is indeed playing an Inquisitor, Vader’s Sith henchmen used to hunt down Jedi that survived Order 66, but the identity of the character is still unknown. He will be a numbered brother of some sort, so take that to the bank.

If anything else, you have to love his excitement for the role and the experience it offered him as a fan of the franchise. You can check out the interview below.

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