All week long, Star Wars Kids has been releasing new vids dedicated to the Empire’s foot soldiers, the Stormtroopers. While Stormtroopers like radical by nature thanks to their armor, they aren’t always portrayed as badasses on screen, or in Star Wars animated projects. In fact, they’re mostly portrayed as buffoons who couldn’t hit the broadside of a star cruiser with their blasters, even if they were standing right in front of it.

Well, thanks to the latest Galaxy of Adventures short, Stormtroopers finally come off as awesome as their armor looks. I chalk this up to the short’s animation style, but also to the cinematography used to showcase Troopers looking like formidable warriors. They just look like walking death, as in death coming for the Rebels. If the Empire had these kind of Stormtroopers, Luke, Han, and Leia would have never made it out of the prison bay in A New Hope.

In addition to that awesome short, a new Stormtroopers Fun Fact video was released this too, which details stats and lore about the Empire’s bucket heads.

There’s also a counter video below that shows how many times Troopers fired at our friends while on the Death Star in A New Hope. See, I told you these guys get no love!

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