Cinelinx has published a new report teasing a rumor about Star Wars: Visions getting a second season, and if the report is true, fans could be watching it on Disney+ as early as this Fall.

According to the report, Star Wars: Visions, the anime-inspired anthology that first debuted in 2021, will be getting a second season, and it will air this September or October. In fact, the second season has supposedly been green lit and under development since the first season debuted last fall.

In terms of which Japanese studios will be brought back things are murky, but the report teases that a few of the original studios will be back, and they will continue the tales told in Season 1 of Visions. Let’s just hope “The Ninth Jedi” is one of the returning shorts, because that was a damn great bit of Star Wars, and the potential to continue its story was the strongest out of all of the nine shorts.

The rumor report concludes with the notion that Star Wars: Visions Season 2 will probably get some time at Star Wars Celebration, so if that turns out to be true, then all will soon be revealed.

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