Star Wars: Visions has returned for a second season and it was loaded with interesting new takes on the lore that makes up the franchise. While every short had something to applaud, some stood out more than others, so as humans do we decided to rank them to spark a bit of debate.

Below you will find how the shorts resonated with us!


The Pit is just a tad too slow in its pacing, which isn’t helped by the lack of dialogue early on. It’s message is strong though in that we should all follow the light, even if we need reminded to do so by those suffering right under our noses. 


Aau’s song featured some of the most unique visuals this season and it also had an amazing musical score, but for me it was a bit too artsy fartsy and cute, and it never felt like anything was truly at stake when compared to the other shorts. 


I am your mother hands down had the most easter eggs and references to canon Star Wars, and it’s claymation visuals fit the humorous tone of the short well. It even tried to give Wedge a personality! The embarrassed teen motif was executed perfectly too. 


Like a few other shorts this season, Spy Dancer had a nice little twist that helped to ratchet up the emotional tones that accompany a mother finding her lost son and realizing that he fights for evil. I also loved how rebels whined and dine imperials with a show to spy on them. 


Speaking of twists, Screecher’s reach featured the best of them this season thanks to the surprise ending in which we learn that the lead was being driven by a Sith and not a Jedi. It was the perfect example of how someone seemingly good at heart could be swayed by the dark side and the easier path it offers to those who take it. 


Journey to the dark head is the most anime inspired feeling episode of this season complete with emo leads and a ton of angst. It featured a great take on the balance between light and dark, and felt most Star Warsy than the others. 

3. SITH 

Sith featured one of the more wild looking animation styles to be used for the medium, which lent itself well to the narrative which focused on the idea of having both light and dark within you and if mastered you can accomplish anything. 


My top two both resonated with me emotionally, but I’m going with The Bandits of Golak next thanks to its Star Wars Bollywood presentation. The animation style, the music, the action, and the feels were all excellent. It also had a twist, but the true power of this episode comes at the end when the brother lets his sister go because it’s the right thing to do. Just a beautiful note. 


So that leaves In the Stars as my top short for Visions season 2. This one just got me all emotional, but in a good way. The animation was killer, the chalk drawings added backstory, which really helped to sell the emotional ending in which the older sister finally gets past her pain and anger over her mother to use the force along with the younger sister to save the day. The episode provided hope, and featured a nice allegory on pollution, loss, and family. 

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