Welcome back Star Wars fans! This week we have plenty to talk about, mostly related to Episode IX, but there are also some good news from the video game realm!

This week also marks the start of a new recurring section of the Star Wars Time Show, our Top 5 Instagram shares of the week! Every week, Matt scours IG to find the best Star Wars art and pics and shares them on the Star Wars Time Show IG page. From now on, we will feature the best 5 of the week on the site and the cast, so check out all of the artists an give them a follow!

After we gush about some awesome artwork, we move right into video game land with a teaser from ILM about Project Porg, a mixed reality Porg centric game that allows you to raise and train Porgs from the comfort of your own home, and we discuss the newest event coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!

Finally, we get to our always fun Episode IX segment. This week we discuss some teasing and trickery from Mr. Anthony Daniels; find Daisy Ridley in the wild thanks to John Boyega’s Instagram, and discuss some rumors about Episode IX’s title and villain!

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May the Force be with you, always.

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