Welcome back to Star Wars Time, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are brining you a special edition of the Star Wars Time Show where we go over the most controversial movie in franchise history, The Last Jedi

It’s the movie that changed the course of Star Wars history and kicked the fandom into a frenzy, so Matt and I took some time to sit down and take a look back at what made this movie so controversial, the state of the fandom today, and if the franchise has fully rebounded everything that is TLJ.

But, before we get to The Last Jedi, we cover all of the most current Star Wars news, which included multiple items for The Mandalorian, and an odd rumor for Episode IX.

The Mandalorian got multiple reveals and an official announcement this past week, with a rumor about what character Nick Nolte will be playing being standing out. We also found out who will be scoring the show, and he has a high pedigree. Finally, we talk about another rumor about bounty hunters from Empire being in The Mandalorian.

We also riff on Natalie Portman confirming that she will not be in Star Wars: Episode IX, which we both felt was ridiculous that she even had to go on record to discuss it.

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