Welcome back, Star Wars fans, to the best Star Wars podcast this side of the Outer Rim. This week is loaded down with news and tidbits from all sides of the galaxy, so get ready to jump around the Star Wars universe in this episode.

We cover 3 topics in our Fandom section this week. First up, an amazing Sebastian Stan/Luke Skywalker poster from BossLogic. It’s probably the best fan made poster of all time. LEGO is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Star Wars sets with 5 special edition sets that are available now, and we discuss the idea of Mace Windu being the most powerful Jedi of all time (spoilers: he isn’t).

We actually cover some new Mandalorian news this week. We got an image of R5-D4 from The Mandalorian leader himself, Jon Favreau.

Then, we jump right into Episode IX goodness. We cover the goodbye words from Mr. C-3PO himself Anthony Daniels and BB-8 puppeteer Brian Herring. We take a look at John Boyega’s trolling ability, some new set pics from Episode IX, and talk about Richard E. Grant’s character in Episode IX.

A packed show for sure ladies and gents! Make sure you subscribe to us via the links below, and as always, May the Force be with you!

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