Welcome back Star Wars fans to the Star Wars Time Show Resistance Recap. This week’s episode of jam packed with great easter eggs and franchise references so let’s get right to it!

We kick off the show with our franchise references and easter eggs, and again, Nick proves his mettle by pointing out another reference that Matt didn’t pick up on initially. If you people noticed anything we left out, let us know in comments or on our social channels!

The key moments for this episode all revolve around some of the most important pre-TFA events for the First Order and the Resistance, so make sure to catch up on this episode if you haven’t seen it already! We see where Poe was right before the start of TFA, how the First Order fueled, and possibly tested Starkiller Base, and much more!

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If you are looking for info on the old EU, video game universe, or straight up canon Star Wars, Nick is the guy to go to. He rocks his Jedi and Sith tattoos proudly and is always down for a discussion about who the strongest force user is in the galaxy.