Star Wars Resistance didn’t skip a beat with its First Order plot in the latest episode, “The First Order Occupation”.

Nick was out sick for this episode of the Resistance Recap, so I had to navigate the episode by my lonesome, which in turn resulted in a short and sweet recap that only requires about 15-minutes of your time. As usual I covered the four Easter eggs from the episode and the Star Wars properties they came from, and then moved into the recap with review elements sprinkled in.

Don’t forget that we also have videos breaking down this episode’s Easter eggs, as well as a video to recap and review the episode with images. It’s definitely a good one, and so far my Synara predictions are still on the table even though her situation changes greatly by the end of the this episode. Nick and I were both off last week in thinking that this episode may take a break form the First Order plot, because it went full in with it, so it looks like their occupation will be the main focus moving forward.

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