We’re back again, Star Wars fans, for another episode of the Star Wars Time Show. We have quite the show for you guys this week with tons of info from all around the Star Wars galaxy. Let’s get into it!

Our fandom section this week kicks off with our Top 5 Instagram Shares of the Week. Fantastic artists all around and a brand new type of art included this week, Battlefront 2 in-game photography! Make sure to give all of the artists a follow on Instagram and show them some love in their comments section.

Sticking with the fandom we move into a quick story about a brand new Black Series 4 pack available exclusively at Disney parks; EA and Respawn’s Jedi Fallen Order’s presence at Star Wars Celebration this year, and then the BIG story of fandom this week is around Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge expansion to Disney World and Land. The park expansion is not only going to bring a ton of awesome new rides and experiences to life for Star Wars fans, but it will also expand on the lore of the universe!

Next up is a quick hit on Topher Grace’s fantastically executed trailer that includes footage from all 10 Star Wars live-action films, and then straight into LOADS of Episode IX rumors!

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