Star Wars fans it’s that time of week to strap on your headphones and listen to a brand new episode of the Star Wars Time Show! This is our main show that we do on the Star Wars Time Show, so it encompasses all things Star Wars that a fan needs to know each week, and of course our “Fandom” segment, which puts a spotlight on Star Wars fans creating awesome Star Wars art of their own.

That’s how we kick off the show, so the first segment covers the Top 5 IG featured accounts from last week. You can follow along with the post of the featured artists as we discuss their brilliant work.

We then move onto more awesome fan related items. We talk about the newly unveiled Qui-Gon Jinn Hot Toys figure. We also gush about the Obi-Wan Kenobi fan tribute. One can’t forget the well done fan trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX that we also discuss.

From there we run down all of the new Star Wars Celebration panels that were announced, and the new lottery system for said panels. Of course we also touch on the revival of Lucasfilm Games, and Jon Favreau’s latest tweet from the set of The Mandalorian.

Finally, we riff on the rumor that the GoT duo’s Star Wars trilogy will be set during the Old Republic, which we both agreed would be absolutely amazing.

Tune in above to listen in to all of this week’s Star Wars topics, and please don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review if you haven’t already done so. All of this stuff goes a long way for us, so we appreciate you!

May the Force be with you, always…

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Matt is literally from a galaxy that is far, far away. Star Wars has consumed his life, and made him the geek that he is. He's no fan of the Prequels, but still loves the Maker. When he's not recording his unstable takes for the Star Wars Time podcast, he's either working on, taking pictures of Star Wars toys, or trying to legitimately wield the Force.